Important Tips On Diet For Pregnancy

Tips On Diet For Pregnancy

Tips On Diet For Pregnancy Pregnancy is an important phase of every woman’s life when there are several changes rapidly happening within the body which affects the mental wellbeing as well. As the life inside you grows with each passing day you need to become more responsible towards it by taking best care of yourself.

Pregnancy diet becomes an important necessity during the pregnancy months to ensure proper nutrition for both the mother and baby and also to determine proper pregnancy weight gain. You can remain fit and healthy thereby averting the possibilities of any pregnancy complications or discomforts. Therefore, right diet for pregnancy is most essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Ideal Diet for Pregnancy

During pregnancy you need to follow a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol and smoking along with taking proper nutrition and enough rest and sleep. Proper nutrition can be encompassed within the following essential food groups.

Protein Diet

Protein is essential during pregnancy and you can get enough protein through meat, chicken, fish, pulses, lentils and soy. You must try to take oily fish at least twice in a week.

Starch Diet

Rice, whole grains, potatoes and bread are ideal options for starch. Whole grains have rich supply of various nutrients thereby fulfilling many of the essential pregnancy dietary requirements.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are important dietary requirements for anybody who wants to remain fit and enjoy good quality of life. Fruits and vegetables are rich natural storehouses of all essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and Vegetables

Therefore, during pregnancy you should definitely have more of fruits and vegetables as these are also fibrous hence preventing constipation and other pregnancy discomforts.

Dairy Products

Milk, cheese, yoghurt are dairy products that must be consumed during pregnancy to get enough supply of calcium which is extremely important during pregnancy.

Eating healthy During Pregnancy

Variety of foods

Eating healthy during pregnancy means you must take proper diet by including all kinds of the foods mentioned above every day in your meals. This way all the vitamins and nutrients required for proper growth of the baby and the mother’s health can be consumed most naturally. Supplements can be taken for calcium, iron and other minerals if you have any specific deficiency but nothing can match the nutrients that can be taken naturally through diet.

Take Enough Water and Fluids

Water is an important part of our healthy lifestyle and you must take enough water and fluids to remain well hydrated and also cleanse out toxins from your body.

Take Enough Water and Fluids

Take fruit juices which will not only hydrate you but also provide you with essential vitamins and minerals.

Iron and Calcium

Take proper foods rich in iron and calcium every day. Iron and calcium are very important requirements during pregnancy as the growing baby is supplied with these from none other than the mother’s body. You must take dairy products like milk and yoghurt for calcium along with cereals, dark green vegetables, beans, lentils, liver, egg yolks all of which are extremely rich in iron.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is very important for the whole pregnancy procedure. Folic acid during prenatal phase helps you in conceiving and if you continue taking the same during your gestation then various birth defects and neural tube defects can be prevented.

Pregnancy Weight Gain

During pregnancy obviously you have to eat more because now you are eating for two instead for just yourself. Proper pregnancy weight gain is important which shouldn’t be too less or too high. You can get a diet chart prepared by your doctor so that proper nutrition is ensured which will also take care of proper pregnancy weight gain.

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What Not to Eat During Pregnancy

There are certain things which shouldn’t be consumed absolutely during pregnancy. These are any kind of alcoholic drinks, certain types of foods and also a few fruits.

Avoid Pineapple and Papaya

Avoid Pineapple and Papaya

Avoid pineapple and papaya at least during the first trimester. There is certain acid in these which may trigger a miscarriage therefore its best to avoid these throughout the pregnancy.

Raw and Half Cooked Meat and Sea Foods

Don’t take raw or half cooked meat and sea foods as these may contain certain bacteria which can be very harmful for the pregnancy.

Fishes High in Mercury

avoid fish diet

Avoid all fishes that are high in mercury. These will raise the toxin level in your body therefore becoming harmful for the pregnancy. Such fishes include king mackerel, swordfish, shark and tilefish.

Avoid Excessive Caffeine

Don’t take too much caffeine through too many cups of coffee or soft drinks. Restrict your caffeine intake to minimum though there isn’t any need to avoid completely.

Avoid Certain Cheeses

Brie, camembert and blue veined cheeses shouldn’t be consumed during pregnancy as these contain listeria which is very harmful for your pregnancy.