Know About The Reasons For Weight Loss

Weight Loss1 There could be many reasons why a person is suffering from weight loss. The weight loss can be the result of any disease a person is suffering from. Say for instance people suffering from AIDS, chronic liver issues, depression, mouth ulcer, and hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, or cardio diseases.

Digestive disorders can also be a cause for losing weight. Issues like anorexia or other eating disorders can also be a cause for weight reduction. Similarly nervous disorders like dementia can also be a cause for weight loss.

Apart from these there could be certain medicines whose ingredients can react and result in a drastic loss of weight. In this article let’s have a quick look into the various causes for losing weight.

Gastrointestinal Reasons For Losing Weight

Digestive Disorder

Digestive Disorder

This is the most common cause for people to lose weight; digestive as well as intestinal disorders can pull down the weight very quickly.


It is another kind of intestinal disorder which causes weight loss. However, a person begins to lose weight only if the issue is very chronic.

Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease

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Infections in the intestine, celiac disease, peptic ulcer, malabsorption syndrome etc. Are the other causes of weight reduction. These are mainly the issues that arise in and around the bowel area.

Endocrinologic Reasons For Losing Weight

Another cause for weight loss can be because of the disorders in the hormone or the endocrine. Say for instance one can see a visible reduction in weight if their adrenal gland is underactive and if it is not functioning properly.

High Blood Sugar

High Blood Sugar

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Similarly when the blood sugar is high the person begins to lose weight, this condition is called as diabetes.


Another major hormonal disorder that can reduce weight is the thyroid. If the thyroid stimulating hormone is overactive then the person suffers from a condition called as hyperthyroidism. A person having hyperthyroidism will see a drastic weight reduction.

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Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol or any other drug can be a major reason why one is losing weight. Drugs and alcohol have ingredients that hamper the proper functioning of the system giving rose to various issues.

Alcohol Consumption

One such issue by consuming alcohol is severe weight loss.


Cancers can pull down weight drastically. Irrespective of the type of cancer the person is affected with they can see a visible weight loss.

Intake of Certain Medicines

Another reason is certain medicines can reduce the weight. There could be medications prescribed by a physician which might have certain ingredients that will reduce the weight.

Novel Trio Drugs

In such cases it is imperative to consult if the medication needs to be continued or if that side effect is normal and expected.

The above mentioned are the various reasons why one can lose weight. From the above it is quite evident that abnormal weight loss should not be taken lightly and has to be consulted with the physician immediately. If one does not take proper steps when they are experiencing a rapid weight loss the consequences might be fatal. It is crucial to diagnose the cause for the weight loss and take a treatment for the same.