Know All About Nano Silver Treatment For AIDS

Nano treatment for AIDS

Nano treatment for AIDS The Nano Silver Therapy or treatment for AIDS is the process of using silver particles of nano diameter (which is one billionth of a part of meter) suspended in water to kill the HIV.

This process works more or less the same way as silver colloidal solution and most importantly there is little chance of possible harmful side effects due to it as both silver particles and water are already present in the body and only a minute quantity of it is further added during the therapy.

Nano Silver Treatment For AIDS

It’s Effect On The Virus

The nano size silver particles have the capability to destroy any virus that is covered with lipid including the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. The process is cheap and very effective at the same time and till now is found to be without any side effect. The most important thing about the nano Silver Therapy is that it is capable of curing nearly all the symptoms of HIV caused illness and can very well bring the patient back to life within three to six months depending on the stage.


Normally the Nano Silver Treatment for AIDS is not found to be followed by other health hazards and the patient after undergoing this therapy is expected to have a quite normal and healthy life.

It resists the Human Immunodeficiency Virus from taking the form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome so that there is hardly any chance that the patient will die of HIV and in nearly fifty percent of the cases AIDS diagnosis tests such as p24 antigen and the other available viral tests start to show negative results after around two years.

Another very important advantage of the Nano Silver Therapy is that it can be used along with the allopathic treatment or anything else which is available like the homeopathic or holistic treatment too and this therapy will nearly double the effect of the other therapies to further accelerate the cure from the syndrome. The Silver Nano Particles are also found to reduce the harmful side effects of the other treatments nearly by 75% too.

How To Use It

The Silver Nano card comes with an instruction manual and the patient has to use them with water. All the required information you will find in the manual and within three months you are sure to feel the difference as the CD4 count increases with the use of it and within twelve months it is expected to restored back to its normal count.

The Cost Of It

If we compare the cost of Silver Nano Therapy with the other available methods for the treatment of AIDS, we will get that it is by far the cheapest of all and that too by a considerable amount. The Allopathic treatment normally costs around 4000 dollar a year and by far the most expensive of all and also has a number of very harmful side effects.

The Herbal treatment costs around $3000 a year and the Holistic therapy though it is known to cure the syndrome is available at $1400. Against them the Silver Nano Therapy will cost only $ 260 and is also the easiest method of all without any side effects.