Know How To Treat Fibrocystic Breast Disease Naturally

Fibrocystic breast disease or the appearance of one or more lumps in the breasts may evoke lots of worries, but that does not mean that these will result in breast cancer. About 70% of women aged between 30-50 years suffer from fibrocystic breast disease due to hormonal imbalances during the menstrual cycle. These rubbery lumps of various sizes are mostly benign in nature and disappear naturally within a month or two.

A surge in the estrogen levels is mainly responsible for the fibrocystic breast disease. These benign outgrowths are generally painless, but some women may experience severe pain. Draining of the fluid from these lumps provide some respite from the pain. Although, most of these lumps are benign, however a thorough investigation is essential to rule out any possibility of breast cancer.

Tips To Treat Fibrocystic Breast Disease Naturally:

The following tips are extremely useful to treat fibrocystic breast disease naturally that will allow you to lead a tension free life.

Take Special Care Of Your Nutrition:

Reduce the intake of saturated fats and eliminate caffeinated beverages to get rid of this disease. Women drinking 3-4 cups of coffee per day have a higher risk of developing fibrocystic breast disease. Avoid animal fat and high fat dairy products. Low fat dairy products are also good sources of calcium. Increase your fiber intake through green vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

Fiber aids in detoxification eliminating excess estrogen from the body. Increase the intake of soy proteins. Soy, rich in isoflavones helps to maintain the estrogen balance of the body. Reduce your salt intake to avoid water retention in your body. Munch a cucumber at any time of the day or take celery and parsley leaves to reduce water retention in your body.

Vitamin Supplements:

Emphasize on regular intake of vitamin supplements. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory property that reduces the symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease. You should not leave out Vitamin B6, which along with Vitamin E counterbalances the inflammatory effects of estrogen. Take roasted sunflower seeds or roasted almonds to boost the intake of Vitamin E. Wheat germ oil, sunflower oil and safflower oil are other good sources of Vitamin E.

Avocado, banana, whole grains, nuts and legumes are rich in Vitamin B6 and should be added compulsorily in your diet. Hypertensive women should be very cautious regarding over dosage of Vitamin E. Intake of Vitamin A supplements can provide extra benefits in treating fibrocystic breast disease. Orange and yellow colored fruits enriched in beta-carotene are extremely beneficial in treating breast lumps.

Treatment With Primrose Oil:

Evening primrose oil supplements are widely used to treat fibrocystic breast disease naturally. It is a rich source of gamma- linolenic acid that reduces pain and inflammation of the cysts and maintains salt-water balance of the body. The supplements should be taken in recommended dosages as directed by the physician.

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Iodine Can Provide Relief From Fibrocystic Breast Disease:

Present day researches indicate that iodine can be quite useful in preventing and treating fibrocystic breast disease naturally. Sodium iodide, present in the common iodized salt will not be effective. Researchers suggest consumption of naturally available iodine rich foods. So look out for seaweed, kelp and other sea foods to supplement the required amount of iodine.

Application Of Castor Oil Pack:

Castor oil, extracted from the leaves of castor oil plant can be applied on the breasts as warm packs. The pressed oil contains certain compounds that stimulate the body immunity system. Application of alternate hot and cold castor oil packs can be very effective in treating fibrocystic breast disease naturally.

Massaging Helps To Treat Fibrocystic Breast Disease Naturally:

Massage your breasts regularly with almond oil or olive oil to enhance the circulation in lymphatic ducts. Do not apply too much pressure. A gentle massage will ease out the pain considerably.

Do not panic if you discover any lump in your breast. Consult your physician and get yourself thoroughly checked. Follow a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and physical activities. Practice stress relieving techniques to treat fibrocystic breast disease.