Breast augmentation is a reconstructive and cosmetic procedure undertaken by many women for enhancing as well as increasing the size of their breasts. Though the procedure has a number of health risks and complications that can arise any time after the surgical procedure, there seems to be a huge number of takers for the same.

Types Of Breast Augmentation

The implants used for breast augmentation are of two kinds. Saline and silicone implants. Silicone implants are much more popular around the world than saline implants in spite of the fact that the use of silicone implants are known to have many health risks associated with it. In the US, silicone implants are restricted since 1992.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants are a safe option of breast augmentation and is approved worldwide and is the only option currently available in the United States. Saline implants are filled with salt water that is sterile and so are entirely safe for use. They were developed as an alternative to silicone implants due to the health complications that could arise with silicone gel leaking into the body.

Insertion of saline implants into the breast is comparatively easy as compared to silicone implants. Depending on the size required, the saline solution is filled into the implants, which decides the shape, size and firmness of the natural breast. However, they may not offer the smooth and flawless finish offered by the silicone implants. Many people are known to complain that they create rippling on the breasts.

Silicone Breast Implants

The most popular type of implants used all around the world, silicone implants can cause a number of complications and risks after the surgery. Silicone implant comes with elastic liquid silicone gel that is inserted into the breasts in different ways. Silicone gel implants can burst any time and the gel that leaks into the body can cause various illnesses on the person which can also be life threatening. However, silicone implants give a better shape and contour to the breasts and are also known to give a much more natural feel.

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Saline Or Silicone?

The decision of whether to go for a saline or silicone implant must be taken carefully after weighing a number of factors, including the health of the person undergoing it. Both the type of implants can rupture with time. However, saline solution will just get absorbed into the body without causing much harm. Silicone being poisonous can create lung disorders and complications and need to be removed immediately to stop further damage. The rupturing of a silicone implant is also difficult to diagnose immediately unless you check your breast thoroughly every day.

New Additions

New development in the breast augmentation field has come up with a solid silicone gel instead of liquid ones which are much safer as compared to liquid gel. These implants are firm and give a firm shape to the breasts and are resistant to sagging as well. However, these types of implants are still not readily available and women who would like to have them implanted must go through trial sessions before they can go for them.