Knowing The Various Throat Pain Causes

Causes Of Throat Pain

Throat pain is most common among other medical disorders. Throat pain can be acute which might sometimes even prevent you from swallowing food or water.There are various throat pain causes such as infection from virus, bacteria or other such microscopic organisms. Sometimes throat pain is also caused by minor illnesses which might wear away as soon as the illnesses get treated. The most common cause is the common cold which is caused by the bacteria or viruses.

Various Throat Pain Causes

Viral Infections

Viral Infection Is Cause Of Throat Pain

Usually throat pain is caused by the viral infections. This will trigger cold and flu which is associated with stuffed nose, runny nose, and body ache and sneezing. This is a contagious medical condition and is known to spread across the whole family. Even if treated with antibiotics that fights with the viruses acting on the body and this process takes its time up to one week’s time.Sometimes throat pain will also be associated with whooping cough, chicken pox and measles. In extreme cases, the viruses will cause the tonsils to become enlarged and might cause obstructive breathing.


Bacteria Is Cause Of Throat Pain

The bacteria are one among the throat pain causes that is caused by streptococcus bacteria. This affects the throat, heart and kidneys along with the medical conditions such as pneumonia, ear infections, sinusitis, ear infections, scarlet fever and tonsillitis. This bacterium can also enter the body through sexual contacts or through oral sexual procedures. This is determined by the series of tests which are advised by your physician. If there are any infections in the nose, then it will also cause unbearable throat pain. This can get more dangerous when the larynx of the throat gets infected and prevents you from speaking.

Hay Fever Allergy

Hay Fever Allergy Is Cause Of Throat Pain

If you have hay fever then you will experience severe throat pain as it is one among the throat pain causes. This is caused owing to the presence of pollen and molds in some plants and its flowers which when inhaled would cause irritation and pain in your throat.You might get these allergens in your system when you tend to smell the fresh flowers in your garden or from the fresh bunch of flower bouquet you just received from your loved ones.

Throat Irritators

Throat Irritators Is Cause Of Throat Pain

Sometimes throat pain is caused by allergy towards cats or dogs which would bring on infection, as the dander would initiate sore throat. Sometimes the house dust is also a cause as during winter the dust in the house would be spread across by the heating system. So it is essential to maintain your home from dust and pet dander as it might trigger pain in the throat.

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Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux Is Cause Of Throat Pain

If you go immediately to bed with a full stomach after dinner, it might cause the acids present in the stomach to reach the back of the throat causing pain in the throat.


Humidity Is Cause Of Throat Pain

Sometimes the humidity in the bedroom would go higher especially during wintry mornings which might trigger throat pain occasionally.This will also make your throat to feel very dry and painful.

Pollutants Around You

Pollutants Are Cause Of Throat Pain

Sometimes Industrial pollutants and harmful chemicals would also cause irritation in the nose and trigger throat pain. This is owing to presence of some reactants in these pollutants.