List of Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Bladder Cancer One of the most hazardous diseases known to man today is cancer. Cancer is the disease where the cells of your body multiply uncontrollably to such an extent that they become a severe threat to your health.

Bladder cancer involves any kind of malignancy arising in the urinary bladder. The bladder located in the pelvis serves the purpose of storing urine and is thus vital for our survival. The most common type of bladder cancer is ‘transitional cell carcinoma’ and it arises due to malignancy in the inner lining of the bladder.

‘Squamous cell carcinoma’ and ‘adenocarcinoma’ are two other commonly seen types of bladder cancer. Following are a few of the most commonly observed bladder cancer symptoms.

Major Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer


Bladder cancer most commonly leads to bleeding in ones urine. The scientific name for this phenomenon is hematuria. The bleeding may be visible to the naked eye or microscopic.



Essentially hematuria is not painful but at times it may cause difficulty in urinating by forming blood clots. This blockage of the urinary tract by blood clots has been known to cause a lot of pain. The scale of the pain varies from patient to patient and also from time to time.

Urinating Frequently And In Unregulated Amounts

Bladder cancer may also mess with your schedule of urinating, causing the patient to urinate small amounts with not much interval between them. Irritation in urinating and the inability to be able to control the urge to urinate, especially at night, are also symptoms of bladder cancer.



Another commonly observed symptom of bladder cancer is Dysturia which is the scientific name for feeling of a throbbing ache while urinating. Urinary tract infections are also caused by this kind of cancer.

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Pain The Pelvic Area

In the more advanced stages, when the tumour in the bladder has grown to a considerable size, the patient may feel pain in the region around the kidneys due to hindrance in urine flow by the tumour.

Swelling In The Bladder

Increased size of the tumour leads to an increase in the mass of the bladder, making it swollen and very uncomfortable for the patient to live with. Interference caused by the tumour at the neck of the bladder heightens this condition.In the advanced stages one may also experience severe swelling in ones legs.

Other Symptoms

Once the cancer has begun to spread to the other regions of the body the patient experiences a host of other symptoms like weight loss, anaemia, pain in the bones, pain in the rectal area and so on.

Weight Loss

To conclude, the most important symptom of bladder cancer is blood in ones urine. When one goes to their doctor, the doctor also first tests ones urine for any sign of blood in it. Tests carried out by ones doctor may also detect special proteins called tumour markers which are present in an increased amount in the urine of people with bladder cancer.

However sometimes irritation in urinating and some of the other symptoms listed above may be caused by some sort of infection in ones urinary tract. Therefore one must not draw any conclusions before getting the proper tests done by ones doctor.

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