List of Symptoms of Bowel Syndrome

Bowel Syndrome Bowel syndrome also known as irritable bowel syndrome is most commonly diagnosed by abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation etc. Irritable bowel syndrome may sometimes be confused with intestinal problems but if you have severe abdominal pain which is relieved by bowel movement then there is no doubt that you have this syndrome.

It can also be detected by the kind of bowel movement you are experiencing, whether it’s hard and painful or loose and watery. Excessive gas and inability to control your urges are also some of the telltale signs.To assist you in identifying your problem here is a combined list of some of the most common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome that you should know about :

List of Symptoms of Bowel Syndrome

Abdominal And Other Kinds Of Pain

Abdominal And Other Kinds Of Pain

The key symptom of irritable bowel syndrome is abdominal pain. Visits to the bathroom may lead to a few moments of relief but the pain tends to persist for long periods of time. The scale of the pain varies from mild to severe. You may also feel sharp bouts of pain under the ribs, cramps in your belly button etc.

Irregularity In Bowel Movements

You may experience long periods of either diarrhea which is excessive excretion of water like stool or constipation which involves no excretion or hard and painful stools.

Irregularity In Bowel Movements


Diarrhea is marked by the urgency to relieve yourself immediately while constipation causes you to strain even when you are given the opportunity. Thus, any kind of shift from the usual bowel movements you experience is a symptom.

Inability To Control Your Urges

You may also feel the need to relieve yourself all the time. The feeling may pass after you’ve visited the bathroom but tends to return after a while. The size and consistency of your stool may also vary from the usual. It may be pencil like or loose and watery or may even cause straining. Trouble in urinating schedules may also be experienced.

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Gas And Bloating Of The Stomach

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You may experience severe gas which may result in belching and farting causing you to get embarrassed on a number of occasions. Your stomach may also get extremely bloated. Sometimes mucus is excreted along with the watery stools.

Other Symptoms Not Related To The Intestine

Other than the above gastrointestinal symptoms you may also feel tired all the time, anxious, tensed or even depressed. Headaches and backaches are also a common symptom which leads to many sleepless nights. Patients quite often develop an unpleasant taste in their mouth too. Feeling like your heart is fluttering or skipping beats is also commonly observed.

As we can see irritable bowel syndrome leads to a closet full of problems. However by taking just a few precautions to prevent these symptoms you may be able to save yourself from a world of pain. The above symptoms may be able to tell you what to and what not to expect. But be sure to consult your doctor for the best way to avoid this syndrome and lead a healthy life.

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