Look Healthy And Attractive Through HCG Weight Loss

Look Healthy And Attractive Through HCG Weight Loss

Look Healthy And Attractive Through HCG Weight Loss You have certainly heard about the hcg weight loss, haven’t you? This is one of the most popular weight loss¬†processes in the recent times. In this type of diet Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is introduced in the person who wants to lose weight. This is a pregnancy hormone that stimulates the hypothalamus to translate fat into energy.

There are three phases in this kind of diet namely the maintenance phase, loading phase and stabilization phase. This is accompanied by a diet regime commonly known as the VLCD, which is nothing but very low calorie diet. A typical HCG diet will be spread over forty four days with the loading phase 2 days, maintenance phase 21 days and the last phase of stabilization for 21 days. One can also extend the maintenance phase to 40 days if required.

Tips for HCG Weight Loss

Loading Phase

This is the primary phase when the person is advised to eat food that has very high calorie content. This phase is only for two days. The calorie intake during these two days is the preserve to battle against the low calorie diet that they have to follow for the next forty days. The person is introduced to the HCG drops at this stage itself. During this stage where one has to force feed around six drops of HCG six times a day is prescribed. This stage will be followed by the maintenance phase.

Maintenance Phase

The maintenance phase as per the typical schedule will be 21 days. However, this can be increased if the weight that needs to be reduced is more.

Look Healthy And Attractive Through HCG Weight Loss

However there is no option to reduce the minimum number of days. So even if one has to lose very little weight the maintenance phase would still extend to 21 days.

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Specific Diets to Follow

There are specific diets that will be prescribed that needs to be strictly followed. In this stage the HCG drops that will be consumed is around ten drops thrice a day. The diet along with the drops helps to dissolve the extra fat and convert it to energy that will be mixed with blood. This way the person loses the extra pounds and becomes slim. The maximum weight one can lose in this stage is fifteen kilograms, beyond which it is not advisable to lose.

Stabilization Phase

In this stage the person is completely weaned off from the HCG drops. Likewise the diet plan is also revised and a more moderate diet is prescribed, however starch and sugar should not be consumed during this stage. This stage also extends for 21 days; this can also be extended to 40 days and cannot be reduced below 21 days.

Look Healthy And Attractive Through HCG Weight Loss

It is imperative to understand that the HCG diet will definitely be spread over 44 days and that it cannot be reduced even if the pounds that needs to be shed is low. However 34 pounds is the maximum weight that one should shed during the diet. For those who want to lose more than 34 pounds, they can repeat the entire HCG diet. However the second session can be started only after six weeks from the date the first session was completed.