Lose Weight, Not Your Hope !

Want to lose weight and attain a perfect figure but get pissed off as soon as words such as compensation diet, detox diet and maintenance diet comes to  mind.

Actually strict diet regimes thwart us from attaining a dream figure. These types of diet deprive you of food or make you eat only one type of food, leading to of course less body weight but totally deprived of energy. In addition to this, your facial skin might becomes slightly darker with some pigmentation spots, your nails will become brittle, hair will lose its texture and become dry and course.

Now would you feel the actual happiness of achieving your goal ? No, of course! So here are some eye openers that will help you to attain a healthy body with good figure.

Weight Scales Not Actual Indicators Of Your Weight

First of all, never judge your health on the basis of reading on the weighing scale. It shows your body weight which comprises of fat weight and lean body weight (weight of bones and muscles). Better have a look at fat weight rather than total body weight. DXA scans available in almost all multi-specialist hospitals gives fat weight readings. If it is less than 25% of your total body weight then there is no need to worry about your weight.

Follow Your Body Clock While Eating 

Body’s best ability to digest food is between 7am -10 am. Most of us provide our digestive system with tea, coffee,  biscuits during this timing that make our digestive enzymes weak. We generally eat very less till 5 pm and when it is time for our stomach to rest, we load it with evening  snacks and then dinner. Time to think about this and bring slight alterations in our eating times.

Increase Your Nutritional Intake 

Eat fresh food and consume it within 3 hours of working. Having deep freezed dal and subzi of previous night during breakfast is of no use as the food has already lost its nutritional value. Eating freshly cooked food during breakfast and dinner at least can be brought into routine.

Eat That Is Recognizable To Your Genes 

Body is accustomed to eating, digesting and assimilating certain foods right from the birth. It lacks enzymes to digest the  food that it is not used to. But most of us eat all kinds of food nowadays, following a global culture. At least one meal daily should represent your  geographical origin.

Say No To Juices 

Juices robs all the nutrients present in the fruits and vegetables. Making juices leads to the exposure to surface area of the eatables leading to its oxidation in air, which actually should take place inside the body. Besides this, the fiber content is lost. You are also losing your oral health because of the lack of massage given to your gums by chewing and don’t forgot food fibers also cleans tooth cavities.

When To Eat Fruits 

Photo Credit: Fatloss-secrets-shared.com

Fasting state is the best time to eat fruits- first thing in morning on empty stomach or immediately after physical exercise. If some other time is chosen then the body converts fructose from fruits into triglycerides. So eat fruits before breakfast and not with it.

Eat With Relaxed Mind 

Maximum food is converted to fat when you are disturbed in any way. If we enjoy eating and eat guilt free, body responds better by secreting more digestive juices and enzymes thereby increasing our metabolic rate. So chill while eating.

Prefer Eating Homemade Delicacies Instead Of Having Easily Accessible Low Fat Food From Market

Low fat snacks likes baked chips, fibre rich biscuits , fat free ice creams are also junk food. Most low fat food are barely 1 or 2gm lower in fat than full fat versions. So better eat full fat versions. By eating these we at least know that we are eating junk  and so we’ll limit the quantity.

Instead of these easily accessible low fat food from market lets indulge ourselves in having homemade chips and pakodas. This will have many concealed benefits also – Firstly use of good oil, Secondly snacks eaten would be hot and thirdly because of the long and tedious process of making, these would be eaten once in fortnight.

Lifestyle changes can work wonders for weight loss.