Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women And Its Causes

Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women And Its Causes

 Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women And Its Causes Loss of sexual desire is a common problem faced by both men and women. The condition is more common among womenfolk and is still a matter of taboo to be discussed publicly. There are several reasons why a woman can lose interest in sex.

Sometimes it can be a simple factor like stress or a headache that leads to loss of sexual interest. Whilst these kinds of factors contribute only to temporary loss of sexual interest, there are several other factors that cause a long term loss of sexual interest. Let’s assess what are the factors that can cause frigidity in women.

Causes Of Loss Of Sexual Interest In Women

Hormone Imbalances

Hormone imbalances in the body are one of the major reasons that cause loss of sexual interest in both men and women. This is purely an involuntary reaction to the fluctuation in hormones and a very common occurrence in women as they go through several stages in life where hormone fluctuations happen in their body. This is why most women are sexually subdued when they have their periods and after childbirth. Until the phase wanes off and the hormone levels return back to normal, the sexual desire remains low.

Mental Unrest

Problems related to the mind can affect the entire body. This is particularly true in the case of sexual desire. When the mind is troubled and you are filled with stress and tensions, the bodys ability to enjoy and find pleasure in sexual acts will diminish. Therefore, if you feel that you have lost your desire, take a look at your lifestyle and your mental health and you will surely find the answer.

Depression is another cause that leads to lack of sexual interest. Depression can lead to a general loss of interest in everything in life. This occurs because the mind is completely off track and unable to concentrate or enjoy.


Fatigue can be due to diseases and disorders of the body. Overwork too can lead to extreme fatigue and lead to a disinterest in sex. Fatigue can deplete the energy from the body and lead to inefficiency in performing in bed. If fatigue is causing problems in your marital life, make sure that you slow down and take adequate rest to get back to normalcy.

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Bodily Problems

Sometimes women develop an aversion to sex because of external problems. This could be problems like vaginal dryness, pain during sex, lack of foreplay and other problems like genital warts or embarrassing diseases of the reproductive organs. These can lead to inability in enjoying sex and loss of interest.

Intake Of Drugs

Women who are addicted to drugs will lose interest in sex as they are in an endless journey to attain the height of some other passion. Such people will be only interested in getting a heightened sense of pleasure through the intake of drugs and alcohol. These kinds of addictions require medical intervention to be treated and set right. Once the person is out of drugs, the sexual desire comes back naturally and in all its height.