Low Fat Cancer Diet For Breast Cancer

Diet For Breast Cancer

Diet For Breast Cancer Diet plays a great role in assessing your long term health. Breast cancer incidences have greatly increased and many of these cases are linked to a poor and faulty diet and lifestyle along with genetic factors. For women who want to live a healthy life and prevent the occurrence of breast cancer, a low fat diet can do wonders.

Maintaining a low fat diet can also help prevent recurrence of cancer in women who have already suffered from breast cancer and have survive the disease. Here are some suggestions on low fat diets that you can follow.

Low Fat Diet For Breast Cancer

Low fat diet must be followed by women who are in the high risk category and those who already have breast cancer. This will make the treatment methods more effective and prevent recurrence as well.

Saturated Fats

Diet For Breast Cancer

According to the dietary guidelines that are laid down by the USDA, saturated fats, must make up only 10 percent of the diet of a woman. These fats produce LDL or bad cholesterol which will lead to plaque formation in the arteries and resultant heart problems.

Foods that are high in saturated fat like skin of chicken, egg yolks, cream, coconut oil, butter, sausage, processed and fried foods, bacon etc. must be avoided. Using a healthy oil like virgin olive oil will help in reducing saturated fat consumption. Food can be steamed, grilled or boiled instead of frying. Cholesterol limit too must be reduced considerably with not more than 300 mg a day to keep cancer at bay.

Protein Intake

Diet For Breast Cancer

Though meat is a good source of protein, it may also add to the fat content. Other alternatives that you can try instead of meat are food that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which will provide good fat to the body. This will include sea food, scallops, flax seeds, walnuts etc.

To assess the right amount of fat in your food, you may either weigh the quantities that you take or assess with the amount that you take in the plate which comes with experience.

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Leafy Greens And Fresh Fruits

Diet For Breast Cancer

Vegetables and fruits are the safest choice if you want to avoid fat consumption and fear that you are going overboard with fat intake. Fruits and vegetables are mostly fat free and can be eaten safely without any worry. They also contain many plant nutrients that help in preventing cancer.

Antioxidants and the presence of many cancer fighting agents in fruits and vegetables can actually protect you from developing cancer through the prevention of free radical damage to the body.

Cancer Fighting Foods

Diet For Breast Cancer

Along with these foods, there are certain specialised foods that can help in fighting cancer due to its abundant cancer fighting properties. Try to include them in your diet as well. These are tomatoes, carrots, flax seeds, blueberries, garlic, broccoli, green tea etc. to develop immunity in your body and fight off instances of recurrence as well.

Following a low fat diet and keeping away from food that is acidic which promotes the growth of cancer cells is the best way by which you can prevent cancer and recurrence as well.