Low Testosterone In Women And Libido

Low Testosterone In Women

Low Testosterone In Women Are you wondering why your sex drive is missing in action? Possibly, your sugar muffin’s misbehaviour or a stress-ridden event has put a damper on your mood. However, it might also be that you are running low on testosterone.

This might astonish many of you that testosterone isn’t monopolized by the guys and although this male hormone is often synonymous with moustaches, rippling musculature, husky voice and masculine swagger, it also dons a crucial part in a female’s body, particularly in the romance department.

A woman’s suprarenal gland and ovaries release fairly miniscule levels of the sex hormone testosterone into her blood which affects her levels of energy, moods, bone mineral density (BMD) and libido.

Sapped Sexual Passion

Sparse amounts of testosterone in a woman’s body can cause a condition termed as HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) that could afflict across age groups though mostly noticed in the postmenopause phase (commences between 2-3 years after a female’s last menses). Subsequent to menopause, a woman’s testosterone levels plummet to around 50 to 66 percent of what they were when she was in her twenties.

Nose-diving Sexual Passion Diagnosis

The signs of low testosterone in women can be quite upsetting and comprise of:

Hot Flushes

Low Testosterone In Women

Hot flushes or hot flashes can be best described as an abrupt wave of mild-ranging to extreme body heat or more specifically feverish heat experienced by some females.

Affective Disorders

These are mental disorders typified by cyclic episodes of being depressed that at times alternate with phases of elevated (good) mood.


Deficit amounts of testosterone in the body can make the woman touchy, ill-tempered or extremely sensitive to stimulus of any form. There is also a reduced sense of well being noted in such women.

Flagging Interest In Sex

Low Testosterone In Women

Lost sexual desire or dwindling desire for sexual activity, pleasure and receptiveness is oftentimes a sign of low testosterone in the body.


Physical and mental fatigue or low energy levels are experienced commonly by women with low testosterone.

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Sleep-related Disturbances

Low Testosterone In Women

Any sleep-linked disturbances such as finding it difficult to fall asleep, maintaining slumber, patchy sleep among several others could be experienced in conjunct with sapped testosterone levels.

Lost Skeletal Muscle Mass

Testosterone deficient women experience loss in muscle mass throughout their body.

Osteoporosis (Porous Bones)

Loss Of Libido In Women

Thinning of bones occurring alongside reduced bone mass that increases likelihood of suffering from fractures and slow healing.

A number of specialists suggest blood tests for measurement of free testosterone in a woman’s body.

Replenish Testosterone

Numerous treatment choices exist for treating low testosterone, inclusive of orally taken pills, jabs, ointments, gels and transdermal patches. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT is also deployed for boosting deficit levels of testosterone in women.

On the basis of which course of therapy you select after seeking advice from a knowledgeable physician, the expenses of treating testosterone deficiency can differ widely. There are several on-going studies being conducted on such choices and many testosterone drugs are in their concluding phases of getting the Food and Drug Administration nod to be used as therapy. It is crucial to discuss with your physician regarding which form of testosterone supplementation may be best-suited for you.