Main Causes Of Burning Sensation In Breasts

Burning Sensation In BreastsBurning sensation in breasts refer to the sensation of pins or needles being pricked to the breasts. This burning sensation may be caused due to diabetes, Paget’s disease, neuropathic reasons like hormonal imbalance, fibrocystic breast and nervous damage. Burning sensation in breast are very tiring as it is a constant and nagging irritability in the breast and it can also lead to dizziness and breast pain.

Other than allopathic medicine, some natural and herbal remedies can treat the burning sensation in breasts. This article will discuss the causes of burning sensation in the breasts comprehensively:

Causes Of Burning Sensation In Breasts


This is a form of breast infection that occurs due to clogged milk ducts. While lactating, often women do not drain away the excess milk that starts accumulating at the duct openings and close them creating a lump in her breast.


The symptoms of mastitis are severe pain in the breast with a burning sensation, tenderness, red swollen lump. This can lead to severity if not treated immediately with medical attention.


High levels of sugar in the blood can be a potential cause for burning sensation in the breasts. This kind of burning sensation is not limited to the breast but spreads in the armpit region as well. Due to diabetes, nerves can stop performing their regular function thus bringing abnormal signals of itching and pain to the breast region. This kind of tingling pain can be cured by many natural and herbal remedies.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

This is one of the major causes for burning sensation in the breast and also a rare one. The patients can feel a swelling on the affected breast and the reasons is obstructed lymph vessels due to the accumulation of lymph fluid in the breast.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

The swollen portion is red and feels hot, there is a itching and burning sensation in the area. Thus, it is always said that emergence of any kind of swollen lump or burning sensation in the breast should be consulted with the doctor immediately.

Peripheral Nerve Damage

This is one more possible cause of developing a burning sensation in the breast. This disorder of neuropathy can happen due to uncontrolled diabetes, or because of harsh medications and chemotherapy. Such occurrence of nerve damage leads to wrong signalling of pain from the brain, thus resulting in burning sensation in the breast for the patients whose nerves are damaged in the breast region. Further damage can be restricted by changing lifestyle, and using some natural remedies.

Paget’s Disease

This is also one of the causes for burning sensation in the breast; Paget’s disease is a rare form of cancer in the region surrounding the nipple. The nipple starts flaking and gets extremely dry with a continuous burning and itching feeling; redness is also seen with soreness.

The patient should visit the doctor promptly to get properly diagnosed. Eventually if any kind of bloody discharged is noticed, immediate medical attention is needed.


This cause is applicable for only pregnant women who are feeling such a burning pain after delivery. During pregnancy, different kinds of changes are seen in breasts, further changes are noticed while lactation. Increased levels of hormones like progesterone and estrogen, constant formation milk producing cells and the milk ducts and the fat layers being created tends to enhance the breast size.Eventually, the breasts get sensitive to touch, leading to burning sensation. However, this is not an alarming situation and can be handled by a good massage with moisturizers or natural oils and regular nursing.