10 Major Changes During Pregnancy

10 Major Changes During Pregnancy

10 Major Changes During Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is like achieving a new milestone in life for every woman. During the phases of pregnancy and post-delivery, lives of everyone related to the baby are changed. However, it affects mother, the most. Right from psychologically preparing for the baby to getting used with the extreme physical changes in her body, the female has to go through everything. You will definitely agree to this that it is best to stay prepared, rather than welcoming unknown changes. Let us have a look and discuss some of the basic changes that the female body undergoes during pregnancy.

Here Are Some Major Changes During Pregnancy:

The Big Belly

The fertilized egg attaches in the uterus and then the egg develops in there for next 9 months. So, as the baby develops, the size of your womb which means the size of your tummy increases. Usually a growing belly is observed after or during the 5 months of pregnancy. Eventually,5 over a period over next 4 months your belly increases in size even further. This growth leads to stretching of the abdominal skin and development of stretch marks.

The Big Belly

Changes In Breasts

You will notice that in the initial 1-2 months of pregnancy there are a couple of changes in your body. One of them is feeling of tenderness in breasts. Also you will feel that they have increased in size. This change happens in order to prepare your breasts for lactation (breast feeding). A lot of hormone levels are changing in your body at this time which is responsible for these changes.

Change In Breast Shape And Size

Loss Of Sex-Drive

One of the commonest changes that most of the females experience is loss of willingness to have sex. This change is not a short –lived types; this feeling lasts for your entire pregnancy and might continue till few months post-delivery too. However when the time is appropriate it returns to normal. This doesn’t mean you cannot undergo sexual intercourse during this phase; you can, obviously after taking measures to protect your belly.

Unprotected Sex

Loss Of Control On Urination And Defecation

While you are pregnant you need a lot of extra blood to take care of nutrition levels and growth of both your as well as the baby’s body. Hence the level of blood increases. This level rises which means more and more filtration would be required. Hence your kidney really work hard to filter the excess blood; thus more urine formation. Also as the belly grows there is increased pressure on your abdomen and lower pelvic region which at times makes you lose control over urination and defecation. This might get embarrassing at times, so it is advised you make frequent trips to the loo to avoid such situations.


Changes In Skin

We saw that the body blood flow and circulation increases; increase in blood volume makes you glow. This change is responsible for your pregnancy glow.

Clear And Glowing Skin

Changes In Nail And Hair Growth

Most of the females experience beautiful bountiful lustrous hair during this phase of pregnancy because of increased blood circulation. Also you will notice that your nails grow like really fast. One more common thing is changes in your dental system. Your growing child needs calcium. So if you do not provide your body with enough calcium levels, it tries to use the existing calcium from your teeth and bones. Hence bleeding of gums or even falling of a tooth or two might be observed. It is advisable to get your gums and teeth regularly checked during pregnancy.

Hair Growth

Vaginal Modification

During these 9 months your body gradually develops your birth canal for passage of baby. Over the time you will notice that vagina becomes a bit less sensitive and passage becomes wider. It is also observed that your pelvic bones arrange themselves in a way so that the space becomes wider for passage of baby during birth.

Unusual Vaginal Bleeding

Increased Heart Rate

Due to increased blood volume and increasing amount of work that your body is doing for you and your baby’s development leads to increase in heart rate and increased sweating.

Heart Disease

Extra Sensitising Of Taste Buds And Other Senses In Body

It is noticed in several women that during pregnancy your senses increase a lot. As the very famous tale says that your taste buds become stringent and particular about what they want; similarly your other body senses like smelling, hearing etc. also become very sensitive.

Extra Sensitising Of Taste Buds And Other Senses In Body

Change Of Shoe Size

Swelling of feet is usually observed during pregnancy; the funny part being that during pregnancy and post-delivery you might notice that you no more fit into your earlier pair of shoes. Yes, this might happen; you shoe size changes completely.

Change Of Shoe Size

Your body gives you many surprises while you are pregnant; relish and make the most of these changes while awaiting your bundle of joy. Happy Pregnancy!!!