How To Get Pregnant Naturally With Herbs

All women are not lucky enough to get pregnant at the drop of a hat. For many, things are not easy at all. Some of them have to go through a number of painful testing methods and procedures which too could sometimes lead to unsuccessful results. While you are in a rat race to become pregnant, you most often forget the basic facilities that are required for you to become pregnant.

Difficulties in becoming pregnant could lead to stress that can aggravate infertility and prevent good results with the treatment methods that you undertake. Add to it the constant questionings from near and dear ones and you are completely wrecked. Why go through all this when there are perfectly natural ways by which you can improve your chances of becoming pregnant? Herbal remedies can be used in a number of ways in order to improve your chances of becoming pregnant. Read on to understand the intricacies of pregnancy and how they can be used to yield greater benefits.

Understanding The Monthly Cycle

Most women do not understand their monthly cycle adequately in order to take the maximum benefit from it. The most fertile days must be tracked and marked in advance to ensure that you engage in sexual intercourse during those days without fail. Along with that, you must also understand the quality of the cervical mucus which plays a great role in delivering the sperms safely into your cervix. Keeping a track of these factors will help you undertake the right herbal treatment method that can leave you very pregnant in the coming months.

Herbs For Pregnancy

1. Fertility Enhancing Soy For Pregnancy

Soy products are recommended by many herbalists to increase fertility and provide a conducive environment for pregnancy. Soy is known to improve fertility. Supplements with soy isoflavones can be taken while you are trying to become pregnant. Soy isoflavones are known to function in a similar way as estrogens, thereby enhancing the fertility of women who have low levels of estrogens. Estrogen has a great role to play when it comes to producing mature eggs and making a woman pregnant.

Research suggests that soy isoflavones in excess could result in decrease of fertility. Therefore, before taking any decision, make sure you consult a herbalist in deciding the adequate amounts that would suit your requirements. Meanwhile it is a good idea to include tofu and soya beans as well in your diet.

2. Herbs That Can Produce More Cervical Mucus

Low amounts of cervical mucus can lead to the woman not getting pregnant in spite of all other factors being in her favour. This is why it is important to get the right quantity and texture of cervical mucus that can make a favourable environment for the sperms to live and also to be carried into the cervix to facilitate fertilisation. Sperms can live longer in the cervical mucus. During days of ovulation, the cervical mucus has to be clear like an egg white, elastic in consistency and abundant. These herbal remedies can be employed for increasing cervical mucus inside a woman’s vagina.

• Flax Seed Oil For Increasing Cervical Mucus

Flax seed oil must be taken after the ovulation process. Flax seeds can be chewed and consumed in plenty during these days to increase cervical mucus.

• Grape Fruit For Increasing Cervical Mucus

Grape fruit juice is known to increase cervical mucus and make it elastic for the sperms to swim through. Before the ovulation starts, consume grape fruit juice every day at least two times to increase the cervical mucus during the days of ovulation.

• Evening Primrose Oil For Increasing Cervical Mucus

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Evening Primrose oil can help develop the right texture of cervical mucus that is required for the sperms to live and swim. Based on the amount of cervical mucus required for fertilisation, dosages can be decided by your herbalist. Evening primrose oil has to be taken before the ovulation process.When you use these herbal remedies, it is important to avoid food that can make the mucus thick like dairy products. Baby carrots can be consumed during this time as carrots too help in enhancing cervical mucus.

3. Herbs For Increasing Folic Acid

Folic acid is essential for the fertility of a woman. This is why it is always prescribed before a woman plans to get pregnant. For enhancing the folic acid in the body naturally, you can adapt herbal methods as well. Certain herbal teas can provide folic acid to the body. These herbal teas are red clover, dandelion leaves, nettle leaves, raspberry leaves etc.

These herbal teas provide the benefits of folic acid to the body along with several other vitamins and nutrients that are essential for a woman who is preparing for pregnancy. Whichever herb you prefer, boil it with water and steep it for 10 minutes before drinking it.

4. Progesterone For Increasing Fertility

Taking natural progesterone supplements can increase the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle which is important for fertility. Progesterone can be derived from soy as well as wild yarns. They are available as tablets, creams and also as suppositories. Any of these methods can be employed to increase the productivity of a woman and improve her chances of becoming pregnant.

The supplements with progesterone need to be taken from the day of your ovulation and should be continued well into the next month when you start menstruating. When you start supplements like progesterone, it is important to note that they must not be stopped immediately as it will result in a sudden reduction of this hormone in the body. In case if you are pregnant, it could result in a miscarriage.

Finally, when all the factors for pregnancy are set right, the most important thing now is to prepare yourself for intercourse. Make sure that you plan it well and not miss the important days of ovulation when the woman is ripe and ready for pregnancy. Remain stress free and plan a long and enjoyable sexual session wherein you and your partner are forthcoming and free. Allow the sperms to swim through the canal by adopting a position where the woman lies on her back during ejaculation.