Making Homemade Burn Creams, Easy Like Never Before

Various homemade remedies are gaining tremendous importance now days. This is because of their quick and effective results and also due to their cheap costs. Many times most of our problems can be cured by using day to day items which are readily available at home.

Now even Burn creams can be made by using various day to day ingredients which are used at home. Some of which can be listed as follows

Aloe Vera An Easy Way To Cure Burns:

Aloe Vera plays a significant role in treating various skin disorders. The thick cactus like plant is now one of the main ingredients in various homemade medicines for curing skin problems. For small burns you can simply take a leaf of the plant and squeeze the sap onto the wound. Sap is a gel like ingredient which comes out of the leaf when squeezed and helps in curing the burns without any further pain.

Use Cold Water On Fresh Burns:

In order to lessen the heat of the burn you can use cold water. A very fresh burn should be flooded with cold water in order to settle down the heat and prevent other parts of the body from burning. Extremely cold water like ice water should be avoided because it may increase the pain rather than decreasing the same. Thus by promptly using cold water can help in minimizing the damages that can be resulted from fresh burns.

Milk Poultice Simple Way To Cure Burns:

Milk poultice is one of the simplest ways that you can use in order to get rid of burns. You just need to soak a clean and smooth cloth even a napkin will do for the purpose in cold milk for about two minutes. Then place it on the burn and repeat the same procedure for about 15 to 20 times. Then clean it with a clean wet cloth. Don’t rub the burned area as it may pain a lot.

Linseed Poultice Older But Efficient:

This process was used in olden times to cure skin burns and is also one of the most effective in curing burns. Linseed also called as flax seed should be boiled in two cups of water for about 15 minutes which will result in preparation of thick gel. Once the mixture gets cool a clean cloth should be soaked in the same mixture and should be directly applied on the burned skin. The gel will result in formation of preventive coating around the burned area and thus prevent it from spreading on.

Marshmallow Another Effective Ingredient:

You can also make use of marshmallow for curing skin burns. Its root should be heated for about 30 minutes on slow gas along with comfrey root, olive oil and wine. Once the thick mixture is ready and cools down it should be applied on burns to get effective results.

Using homemade burn creams with few simple, day-to-day articles, is a very effective remedy for burns. You can use these creams without any worry as they do not have any adverse effect on the skin. So it is better to opt for a one that is both effective and affordable!