Medication For Urinary Tract Infection

medications for urinary tract infection

medications for urinary tract infection Urinary tract infections require medical attention and thus it is important to discuss about medications for Urinary Tract Infections. When there are symptoms like increased vaginal discharge, itching and burning sensation in vagina, you should see a doctor for seeking treatment of the problem.

What Are The Medications For Urinary Tract Infection?

Antibiotic medication treatment is the most common treatment in case of urinary tract infections. The dose, duration of treatment etc. depend upon the intensity of the problem. The following is the list of medications that are generally prescribed in case of Urinary Tract Infection:


Things To Remember About These Medications

With medication for Urinary Tract Infection there will be betterment in the health condition within a few weeks time. But you should not leave the medicine course in between even after you start feeling better. You should complete the course of antibiotics so as to a avoid relapse.

If you have mild or moderate infection then perhaps you need a short antibiotic course of around 3-4 days time. When the problem is severe you may be prescribe with a longer duration medication course. If the burning sensation of itching is more prominent during an infection then along with antibiotics your doctor may even prescribe an analgesic.

When the infection is too severe and serious the patient has to be hospitalized for the intravenous antibiotic treatment.

Side Effects Of Medications For Urinary Tract Infection

But just like every other medication even medications for Urinary Tract Infections may have a few side effects. But these are rarely harmful. Some of the most common side effects of antibiotics include dizziness, sleepiness, drowsiness, skin rashes and high body temperature.

The side effects as caused with the medications for Urinary Tract Infection should be discussed with the doctor so that he can take the decision for dose adjustment or changing the medicine, if needed.

You should tell your doctor about all the health ailments that you have and all the other medications that you may be taking.

Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

When you are on medication for Urinary Tract Infection you may even rely on a few home remedies that will help you to get faster recovery.

You should drink gallons of water and this will help you to dilute the urine and remove the bacteria from the bladder as much as possible. Avoid drinking sugary drinks or such beverages that would lead to irritation in bladder.

Apart from this, consuming cranberry juice every 2 days will also help in developing a better immunity. It is still not proved that cranberry juice can treat Urinary Tract Infections completely, but it helps in making your immune system stronger and preventing such infections.

However, you should ask your physician about consuming cranberry juice. This is because if you have been taking a few other medications like blood thinners or heart medications, then taking cranberry juice may create a few interactions which may create discomfort in the body.

Maintain a good hygiene.

Wear clean undergarments.

Avoid citrus fruits and caffeine for sometime.

You should be pretty serious about Urinary Tract Infection. With a smart combination of medication therapy and a few reliable home remedies you can get rid of Urinary Tract Infection quickly.