Methods Of Preventing Teen Pregnancy

In today’s world, teen pregnancy is looked upon as a complex issue as teenagers are typically not prepared to be parents. Teen pregnancy is indeed a physical, social and emotional stumbling block in the society and if not handle carefully can lead to drastic consequences. Unfortunately, teenagers are unaware of the problems that can arise as they are not educated and guided properly neither by their parents nor by their teachers.

So what are the methods that are practically feasible that can be done in order to prevent teen pregnancy? Well, the following discussion would be highly beneficial and would act as pointers that will enable you to take preventive measures in the future.

Methods Of Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Educational Measures

The educational system provides different levels of information to the teens such as the reproductive process, fertilization process and so on. However, they do not penetrate much into the intricate details and provide only a basic overview of such topics. What they can really do is to organize comprehensive programs that would include knowledge sharing, awareness creation in the form of tutoring and lectures.

The program can also cover an exhaustive range of recreational activities that would definitely help the teens understand the actual problems that they may have to face due to this pregnancy. Another approach that can be implemented by the educational institutions is by focusing on youth development which can be accomplished by conducting programs that throw light on themes such as confidence, character and togetherness.

Birth Control Measures

The teens should be educated on the best available contraceptive methods which would help them to change their attitude and character towards safe sex indulgence. Consequently, there are numerous birth control methods and each one of them has their pros and cons. So the optimized suggestion would be to make the teen visit his or her family doctor so that he or she can choose the best birth control method suitable, prior to becoming sexually active.

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Yet another effective tool to prevent this teen pregnancy is by making the kid aware of sexual desires and love at an early age. This basically implies that the channel of communication between the parents and children should be devoid of any barriers. Parents should educate their children on these sensitive issues at an early age so that the children would be in a position to mentally prepare themselves when they reach their teens.


Parents have a dual role to play and it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they maintain a balance between communication and supervision. They should effectively communicate as well as have a control and command over their children. Children when they reach their teens would definitely want to be more independent and may feel like adults.

Due to this reason, they may demand more freedom and it is at this stage that parents need to enforce their control and provide adequate guidance. Undoubtedly, parents are accountable and it is highly critical that they restrict the degree of independence that they give to their children during the teenage years.

Finally, as good citizens we need to work together and share a common vision to reduce teen pregnancy as it is a responsibility of not only the parents and educational organizations but also as good human beings ,each and every one of us are accountable to eradicate this issue.