causes of breast lumps in 20 years old

All throughout a woman’s reproductive years, she would have to go through a number of lumps in her breasts. Discovering a lump in the breast is a scary experience for most women. Many imagine the worst scenario and some shy away from visiting a doctor due to fear.

Thankfully, it has been noted that more than 80% of the lumps discovered by women from the age of twenty until their menopause are entirely harmless, except the fact that they cause a lot of pain and general discomfort.

Fibrocystic Lumps

Fibrocystic lumps are lumps that are formed inside the breast mostly due to hormone fluctuations and lifestyle factors. These lumps are very common among young women and are generally harmless. Such lumps are mostly round and movable when you touch. They also have a rubbery feel and are accompanied by pain and swelling.

These lumps can be a cause of concern during menstruation as they swell and pain due to the hormone fluctuation during these days. Fibrocystic lumps can be controlled through diet control and intake of birth control pills. Vitamin E, B and evening primrose oil too are sometimes used for alleviating the condition.

Caffeinated products, salt, white sugar, saturated fats and dairy products must be avoided as much as possible to prevent aggravation of fibrocystic lumps.

Bacterial Infection

Youth is the time when women are carefree and energetic. Cleanliness is very important during this time, especially the breasts are susceptible to bacterial infections that appear as lumps and proceed to pus formations and complications. Abscess formations in the breast of young women are mostly because of bad hygiene and also due to cracks that appear in the nipples due to dryness. Bacteria enter through these cracks and create infections which will require surgical intervention and antibiotics for treatment.

Lactating women too are susceptible to infection in the breasts due to clogged milk ducts and formation of abscesses. Make sure that all lumps that are painful and accompanied by fever and chills are treated immediately to prevent the infections form advancing greatly.


Very rarely lumps can also be due to cancer and many young women who have fibrocystic breast disease miss these new cancerous lumps as they often assume it as fibrocysts. Women who have fibrocystic lumps must ensure that they undergo a mammogram to map the lumps that are present in their breasts. This will help in identifying any new lump formation that could be different in feel and texture.

Self examination of breasts every day will also help in identifying new lumps which have developed in the breasts. Cancerous lumps can be treated through surgery and radiation and chemotherapy. Most cancerous lumps can be completely treated when they are discovered early on. Treatment becomes more effective and worthwhile and the patient can also avoid a complete mastectomy of the breast in this case.

Lumps are very common among women. It is only that one must be very careful about self examination and identification and if anything suspicious is present, be prompt to visit a doctor for further check up.

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