Must Know Signs Of An Asthma Attack

Signs Of An Asthma Attack

Signs Of An Asthma Attack During an asthma attack the normal symptoms of asthma get worsened suddenly and are generally caused by muscle tightening around the bronchospasm.

The normal symptoms of an asthma attack are wheezing and coughing along with difficulty in breathing. The patient also feels an acute shortness of breathing and often finds it difficult to carry on with his normal everyday activities.

Different Signs Of An Asthma Attack

Coughing And Wheezing

A cough not healed for a long time has all the potentiality to be treated as an early sign of an asthma attack especially if it makes you to wake up during night.

Wheezing is a type of whistle like sound created when the patient breaths and is especially audible during the process of breathing out. During the earlier stages the sound is quite low and only gets louder as the condition aggravates.

Breathing Problems

Breathing Problem In Asthma

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This is the most convincing symptom of an asthma attack and the patients nearly always feels like out of breath and gasps for air. As the skin of the chest and the neck tend to suck inward the process of breathing gets more and more difficult.

A feeling of tightness in the chest is also experienced by the patients in case of an asthma attack as if a heavy load is kept on his chest. This is a symptom that is one of the fast to arrive and is generally referred to as an early sign of an asthma attack.

Other Signs Of  Warning

Apart from the most obvious symptoms mentioned above there are also a number of other signs that can be treated as potential warnings of an asthma attack. These early warning signs may vary from being physical to mental and must be seriously taken under consideration.

These early psychological symptoms include getting short tempered and easily irritable at times and a feeling of being nervous and edgy also creeps inside the mind. There are certain abrupt physical changes that can also be considered as early signs of an asthma attack like feeling tired or developing dark bags under the eyes. Sometimes an itchy feeling in the throat is also resulted from a possible asthma attack.

Signs Of Danger

Danger Signs Of Asthma

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Sometimes severe asthma attacks can also put your life in danger and in those situations emergency medical help is the only option with which you are left with. But you must learn to recognise these potentially dangerous signs of asthma attack like if you are having problem in walking or even talking and are feeling out of breath then in most probable situations you are having an acute and very serious type of asthma attack.

Hunching over to get some air is just another very specific and early sign of a possible asthma attack. During this time you tend to breathe more slowly as your lung function gets affected and makes breathing difficult for you.

In some cases the lips and the finger nails of the patient suffering from an asthma attack turns blue or gray. In case you find yourself or anybody with these signs it is the time to call for an emergency medical help.