Natural Breast Implants Methods

Breast Implants

Breast Implants While breast implants have been around for centuries, they weren’t a very reliable method, requiring excessive surgeries most of which caused side effects. Today, however, different natural methods have been invented that are far safe and more secure than normal surgical procedures. Using your own fat cells for this regenerative process is by far the most advanced technology used which does not cause any side effects, simply because they are your own cells.

This augmentative method includes the harvest of your fat cells from your thigh, hips, and abdomen to enhance your breast size or bring it to the perfect shape using simple liposuction processes. So now you can readily get the body of your dreams with the perfect cup size as well as your body structure, since unwanted fats from different places of your body are being removed. Find out the different methods of liposuction and get that perfect body, now!

Natural Breast Implants Methods

Fat Transfer Using Stem Cells

Fat Transfer Using Stem Cells

Being around not long before two years, this is a fairly new process with excellence. Though it is quite a complex process of removing stem cells from the areas of abdomen, hip and thighs using liposuction then filtering and concentrating them and finally injecting those into the breasts, plastic surgeons believe that it is a cleaner process than having a surgery.

Weight Loss Assisted Reconstruction

Previously obese women were advised not to undergo breast implantation because of a number of issues. Firstly, it was more or less impossible to operate a person with a high BMI and secondly because it was difficult to reconstruct a perfect breast size for obese women. Now, however, doctors have come up with a new process of working on them, that is, the obese women would be helped to reduce weight and lower BMI and finally the excess tissues would be used to create the artificial breasts.

Injectable Fillers For Plumping

Injectable Fillers For Plumping

It is a relatively new method and needs a few more time to it before it is released in the market for extensive use, however, it is one which can deliver excellence! Just like the previous methods of using injectable fillers for enhancing your lips and cheeks, this method works on the same principle. If properly done, then the body shape is proposed to last perfectly for up to a year without any more treatments.

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Botox Assisted Augmentation

Normally after implantation, a patient often feels discomfort due to muscle spasms caused by the chest muscles. But if Botox is injected into the muscle just after the implantation, then it paralyses the muscles and causes less to no muscle spasms. Also on using Botox the normal settling time of the implant into the desired place shifts from 3 months to 3 weeks.

The Pastry Bag Method

During silicone based breast reconstruction, there were a lot of problems faced like pushing a prefilled implant into a small incision was pretty difficult and messy. Hence, in 2009, Dr. Kevin Keller designed a new method that changed the whole concept of implantation.

Pastry Bag Method

Now known as the Keller Funnel, instead of stuffing the implant into the small area, this instrument is like a pastry bag that pours the gel based silicone implant into the incision.