6 Natural Cure To Gallstones


The best treatment for gallstones would be to avoid them in the first place, by following a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle involves you maintaining a healthy body weight, keeping yourself fit and ensuring that you have proper bowel movements

The ultimate treatment for gallstones is surgery. But you should try your best to avoid that measure. For even though the removal of the gall bladder is easily tolerated in humans, living with one would be considerably easier. Here are a few natural methods to cure gallstones:

Effective Natural Cure For Gallstones

Diet Control


Improving your diet is one of the best ways of curing gallstones. You should try and incorporate more low fat and low cholesterol food and more fiber in your diet. Low fat and low cholesterol helps increase the cholesterol in the gallbladder while fiber helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system.

In case you have a feeling that you are going to develop gallstones include apple juice, beetroot juice and pear juice in your diet. These help in cleansing your liver and reducing gallstones.

Using Lecithin


Lecithin granules are believed to go a long way in reducing gallstones. You may use lecithin liquid too but they taste horrible and are almost impossible to digest. Lecithin granules on the other hand can be mixed in juice or milk.

Exercise And Maintaining A Healthy Weight



Changing your lifestyle by changing your diet, doing more exercises and keeping yourself generally more fit helps in avoiding problems like gall stones.

If you are overweight you should try undertaking weight loss programs. But make sure that you lose your weight gradually and not rapidly since rapid weight loss causes gallstones rather than avoiding them.

Flush Your Gallbladder



You can flush your gallbladder with the help of a number of drinks prepared at home. Eat organic food the entire day you are planning to flush your gallbladder. Then at night warm virgin olive oil to body temperature then add lemon juice form half a lemon and a kidney bean sized piece of garlic which has been sliced.

Drink this mixture and go to sleep. In the morning your bladder will be thoroughly flushed.It has been found that blackseeed oil also helps in this process. This should be taken as 250 g of blackseed, 250g of pure honey, a teaspoon of blackseed oil mixed with a cup of water. Drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach.

Turmeric Mixture



Turmeric is a spice which functions not only as an anti-oxidant but also as an anti-inflammatory. It makes the solubility of the components of gallstones higher thus making it easier for the body to dissolve any such stones. The recommended dose for turmeric is half a teaspoon daily.

Milk Thistle



The seed of milk thistle contains Silymarin, which is a flavanoid. It is this flavanoid which helps cure gallstones. Silymarin helps the gallbladder produce more bile. Bile dissolves the components that go on to form gallstones, thus reducing them. This flavanoid also assists in the better functioning of the liver which helps reduce gallstone sin the long run too.