8 Natural Cure For Gas


Natural cures are one of the most ideal and the most effective substitute to medications and drugs. Along with this, natural cures are 100 percent safe on the body and simple to follow. Natural cures are a broad category that includes all the other smaller sections like home remedies, diet changes, exercising and more.

However, no matter which natural cure you adhere to, you need to follow it on a regular basis to get visible outcomes. Also, it is important to stick to only well researched and proven natural treatments for any health ailment or body issues. This will further trigger the results for you. One of the most common and prevalent occurring body problems irrespective of age or gender is that of gas.

It can cause a lot of discomfort in the body and hamper the daily lifestyle. Once you know which natural cures can help you get freedom from gas formation in the body, all you need to do is pick a combination of 2-3 remedies and follow it without fail. This will give you perfect results and in a way that provides instant comfort a lot of times. They are affordable on the pocket as well.

Effective Natural Cure For Gas

Fennel Seeds Benefits

One of the top notch remedies that is 100 percent natural and highly effective is that of fennel seeds. You can either chew them after every meal or whenever you experience gas and bloating or else crush some of the seeds and boil it in water to make tea.

Fennel Seeds

It relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and helps the gas to pass easily. As a dual benefit, fennel seeds will also help you in keeping fresh breath.

Ginger Effects

Another of the natural products that can be used for the cure of gas in the body is ginger. It can either be taken as ginger tea for the benefit or in the form of fresh ginger root.


You can also add some fresh ginger to the dishes you are cooking for best results. A teaspoon of grated ginger just before the meal can help you well with prevention of the same.

Garlic Advantage

You can use some organic garlic for the purpose of treating gas in the most effectual manner. Fresh garlic can also be taken which will easily help you to pass out the trapped gas.


This is one of the best and the most convenient natural cures to follow along with being affordable.

Diet Changes

There are some diet modifications that need to be done where the natural treatment of gas is concerned. The first thing is to totally avoid foods that aggravate the situation. These include fried and spicy foods, fatty foods as well as processed foods. Along with this sugary items can also hamper the digestive tract and cause gas. Avoid caffeine as well.

Diet Changes

Apart from the foods to avoid, try and incur simple and non spicy foods in the meals for a while until the problem subsides. Steamed and bland vegetables, fruits and simple low fat dairy products can be taken. You can also take in fresh fruit juices with a little salt.

Drinking plenty of water will also help in cleaning up the system and releasing the trapped gas in the body. About 10 glasses of water is highly recommended for the purpose. This is going to give you results that are perfectly perfect for a natural cure for gas. Other healthy liquids like herbal tea, coconut water and buttermilk can also be added to the meals to trigger the outcomes.

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Parsley Remedy


You can add fresh parsley in the diet or even the dried spice. This can help you treat the intestinal gas that you are suffering from so long. Instant results are one of the best benefits of adhering to this remedy.

Physical Activity

Adhering to any one physical activity like walking or swimming or any other sport that leads to movements of the body is helpful in regulating the functions of the body including the digestive tract.

Physical Activity

This will not only cure the gas issues but also prevent is from re occurring again. Brisk walking for about half an hour is totally effective in curing the gas in the most natural and inexpensive way possible.

Herbs That Help


Dandelion is one of the herbs that work great for the natural treatment of gas. It can be taken in the form of tea.


Pressurizing certain points of the body to treat a particular health issue is what is done by acupuncture. It is one of the safest ways for treating a lot of ailments including gas.


All you need to do is hire a professional or train yourself to know the exact points that should be pressed for releasing the gas.