6 Natural Cure To Migraine Headaches

Natural Cure To Migraine Headaches

Migraine is a neurological disorder during which severe headaches takes place. The word migraine is derived from the keyword “Hemikrania” which means pain on one side of the head. This may be due to environmental factors or it can be due to genetic factors. The hormone level is significantly associated with the issue.

About 15-20% of people suffer from migraine. The amount of pain, duration of the pain and the frequency of its occurrence is different for different people. They may also occur around the time of menstruation in women. Migraine has become a common problem. The natural cure for migraine headache has a lot of healing power to help you get rid of this problem. There are ample of home remedies which are simple to use, you can follow these to combat the migraine.

Natural Cure For Migraine Headaches

1. The Fresh Grape Juice

Grapes are wonderful. This fruit can ease migraine pain. All you need to do is to grind those grapes to get the juice and do not add any water, drink the juice. It will help the pain to subside.

Grape Juice

2. Aromatherapy Is Good

There are few scents that can help you with your migraine headaches. They include lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, eucalyptus and rosemary. One has to rub these on one’s temples or blend any of them together and rub it on the temples. If interested, you can also put them into a bath. This will help you to relax, for better results you can try a few breathing exercises along with this.


3. Vegetable Juices Help

Vegetables can also be used as a home remedy for migraine issues. Carrot juice when combined with spinach, beetroot and cucumber juices, works great for migraine headaches. What you can do is, you can mix 200ml of spinach with 300ml of carrot juice or you can also mix 100ml of beetroot juice and 100ml of cucumber juice with 300ml of carrot juice. This is not only easy, but energetic and highly nutritious.

Vegetable Juices

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4. Drinking More Water

Most of the migraines occur due to dehydration. You can have a few glasses of water whenever you feel a migraine coming on; it will help it to stop. Sometimes when you are very much stressed out and tired, the amount of water in your body drains out. Hence, the oxygen level also tends to decrease, dehydration exhausts you, due to which migraine can be severe, and hence regular drinking of good amount of water will have a positive effect on you.

Drinking More Water

5. Lavender Oil Works

Lavender oil is well known for its various medicinal properties one of which is curing migraine headaches. It is cheap and safe for you, but to have an effect make sure you use pure lavender oil. You can place a drop of pure lavender oil on each temple or behind the ears. The scent of the oil will help you relax and ease the migraine pain.

Lavender Oil

6. Cool Down-Warm Up

What you can do is, when you have a migraine headache, you can lie down in a quiet and dark room. Apply hot and cold compresses. This should ease your nerves and make you feel better. Normally many people feel a chill when they have a migraine headache, but the head feels hot. Hence, cooling your head in such cases will help dilate blood vessels in the body and help reduce the pain.

Cold Compress

These sets of home remedies give you natural cure for migraine headache and will make you relax and feel better.