Natural Cure For Red Eyes

Red Eyes Red eyes is a very common phenomenon and is generally caused by some kind of infection or dust particles settling in your eyes. Often it goes away as discreetly as it appears. But sometimes it persists for a long time causing itching and a lot of irritation.

Indifference then proves to be futile. Your eyes then require attention and care. Here are a few things you might try doing:

Effective Natural Cure For Red Eyes

Gently Washing Your Eyes

The first thing you should do if your eyes turn red is wash them repeatedly with cold water. That will remove any dirt or dust particles that may be stuck on your cornea, causing irritation and inflammation. Splashing cold water will relieve your irritation and the redness will automatically recede in a while. If it doesn’t then, it’s time to try some of the other steps.

Wash the face

If the redness has been caused by conjunctivitis then washing will only relieve the irritation and that too for only a while. The redness will subside on its own accord after a few days. But you can hasten the process by keeping your eyes clean. Try not using make up or lenses or touching your eyes too much as they all cause the infection to spread. If the cause is ‘blepharitis’ then also splashing is helpful in not letting the infection spread.

Herbal Teas

If the redness is caused by conjunctivitis and has gone completely out of hand you might want to try applying herbal tea to your eyes using a compress or poultice. Use herbs like chamomile, calendula, eyebright, barberry, Oregon grape and goldenseal while preparing the tea.

herbal teas

Also make sure that your compress is completely clean. You may even sterilize it in boiling water before using.Use of turmeric also helps cure red eyes due to uveitis. However, turmeric due to its spiciness cannot be applied to the eye directly.

Bee Propolis

Bee propolis is a substance which bees collect from flowers, trees etc. It is sticky and slimy. But studies show that it helps relieve red eyes. However, it is difficult to apply and often not very hygienic and is thus not the best cure for red eyes.

Including Antioxidants In Your Diet

acne diet

Antioxidants like Vitamin E and C, go a long way in reducing the redness of eyes when the cause is uveitis. It has been proven by experiments and studies that consumption of foods containing these vitamins help improve visual acuity and remove redness.

Use of Compresses

The best way to treat red eyes is the use of cold compresses. Take cold water in a bowl and a clean cloth. Make sure the bowl is clean. Dip the cloth in the water and then squeeze and keep it on your eyes for two to three minutes.

Cold Compress

This helps soothe your eyes, reducing and swelling or redness caused due to infection. Warm compress helps relieve redness caused due to blepharitis.

Oil Therapy

Studies in Brazil showed that treatment of eyes with therapy involving oral capsules of flaxseed oil daily helped reduce dryness and redness.