5 Natural Cure For Sleeplessness


Sleeping is also the main activity like other day-today activities. If there is lack of sleep, then no one can be active or actively participate and concentrate on office work, studies etc. Due to lack of sleep, students may fail in their exams; or employees may lose their job because of sleeplessness even there are more chances of accidents and other unexpected things to happen.A person without proper sleep is equal to, or worst than a drunker. 

If you do not have proper sleep, your brain will not function properly and often you suffer from headache, eye pain and so on. This will further make you tired, restless and makes you to behave abnormally. Due to your improper behaviour, you might lose your relationships between family, friends and colleagues. Thus, sleep well, to lead happy life, in case if you are not able to sleep due to certain reasons, you can try the below remedies to get proper sleep.

Effective Natural Remedies That Could Help You To Get Good Sleep

Drink Hot Milk

Boil a glass of milk with 1/4th tsp of turmeric powder, add sugar as you need; put some cardamom powder for good taste and drink the hot milk before going for bed to get good sleep. Even, you can add banana.

Hot Milk

Put small slices of whole banana in the milk along with honey or sugar, stir well, and consume this mixture half an hour, before you sleep. This mixture not only gives you good sleep, but also gives good health.

Sleep Proper Time

Sleeping at proper time and waking up at right time will help you to get sleep. If you sleep late night, it will be difficult to get good sleep and you will not be able to wake up early morning. So, it is always a good practice to sleep early and wakeup early.

Sleep Proper Time

This kind of daily routine, will give you good sleep, refreshes your mind, so that you can concentrate on your work and keeps you active throughout the day.

Read Books To Get Good Sleep

Read Books

Read good books such as philosophy, moral books, general knowledge or the life history of the great legends, etc. Reading such books not only gives you knowledge, but also makes you to concentrate and think only about what you are reading. This will remove your stress by taking you to other world. Hence, you can sleep well forgetting all your worries.

Perform Shavasana (Part of Yoga)

Shavasana is a part of Yogasana. (Shava + Asana) Shava means dead body, while Asana means posture. This means that you should sleep like a dead body- your back should touch the bed, eyes should be closed, and hands should be down straight towards the straightened legs.


Now, inhale and exhale as many times you can, and observe or count the inhale and exhale you do, this will bring good sleep without your notice.

Watch Television

Watch and listen to melodious songs or bhajans, devotional discourse, and so on during night; avoid watching horror movies.

Watch Television

Watching good programs will make you think about good things, relax your mind which will give you a very good sleep.