7 Natural Cures For Attractive Face

Natural Remedies For Attractive Face

Attractive face is charm of every individual. Fair and glowing skin makes a person looks attractive. But in today’s time with so much stress around and hectic life schedule it’s very difficult to maintain a lucrative face. All these stress and bad food habits contribute in reducing the charm of the skin. To look attractive and young we need to protect our self from dirt, air pollution and sun rays. For gain an attractive face it is very necessary maintain a healthy diet.

We should also care our face with regular use of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing. All these methods helps in making our pores breathe. Exfoliating helps the face to look brighter and brings natural glow to the skin. But to maintain an attractive face would definitely require high priced creams which is full of drugs and lots of side effect. A lot people would opt for natural remedy as it tends to be more effective and has no side effect makes skin look young and beautiful in long period of time.

Natural Cures For Attractive Face

1. Banana Facial Mask

Banana is composed of vital nutrients and vitamins. It is available all throughout the year. It makes the skin look attractive and young. It can be applied as natural facial mask. It reduces radicals from the skin. We can mask banana and apply it on our face leaving it for 10-15 minutes. And then wash it with cold water. It gives a glowing skin and makes us look attractive. We can also mix honey or cup of oats with banana. It also tones our skin and naturally makes our face look attractive.

Banana Facial Mask

2. Coconut Oil Scrubs

The use of pure coconut oil has benefitted our skin since ages. A lot of skin creams have extracts of coconut oil. The use of coconut oil helps to clean our pores and rejuvenate our face leaving soft and attractive glowing face. It contains antibacterial properties. We can make an excellent scrub from coconut oil which helps in exfoliating dead cells.

We can add one table spoon of coconut oil with one table spoon of honey, brown sugar and pinch of salt and grind it properly and then gently apply it on our face in circular motion and wash it after 30 minutes. It is a kind of natural cleanser for face which will naturally make us look attractive.

Coconut Oil

3. Apply Potato Juice

Potato is a natural remedy to make face look fairer and attractive. Potato is considered to have natural bleaching effect on the face. We can apply raw potato on the face to reduce tan and sun burn. Even potato juice can be applied to reduce scars and dark spots. It makes face look attractive and gives a flawless and clear skin.

Potato Juice

4. Application Of Lemon Paste

We can make a paste of lemon juice, milk powder and turmeric powder. Add all three in same quantity and grind it properly and apply as a paste on the face for 10 minutes. Then rinse it with cold water. It helps to increase the fairness of the skin and make a face look attractive.

Lemon Paste

5. Application Of Green Tea

Green tea helps in maintaining elasticity within the skin and makes it look young and attractive. Boil a table spoon of green tea in water and adding a teaspoon of brown sugar and cream to it. Mix all the ingredients properly and then apply it over the face gently in circular motion for 10 minutes. Rinse it with cold water. It is a natural remedy for making face look attractive.

Green Tea

6. Exercises

A lot of people are aware that exercise, yoga and meditation makes a face look attractive. With regular exercises we should also contribute towards facial exercises which help us looking attractive as face muscles tend to expand and contract making our face look healthy and attractive. Yoga and meditation naturally bring glow to our skin making us look young and attractive. So to get an attractive face one should be exercising and meditating regularly early morning.


7. Dietary Intake

Nutritional planning is very important for attractive face. We need rectify eating habits. For a attractive face one must include various types of juices mainly radish, tomato, carrot and lemon juice Increase the intake of green leafy vegetable soup. We can also take wheat juice with green pulses at night.

Dietary Intake

Avoid all kinds of oily food and stop the intake alcohol, caffeine, chocolates and any kind of painkillers which affect the skin. Increase the intake of water supply minimum 8-10 glasses daily. Regular dietary measures will help to reduce all kind skin problem and help in achieving attractive face naturally.