Natural Cures For Female Genital Itching

Natural Cures for Female Genital Itching

Natural Cures for Female Genital Itching  Female genital itching is one of the major problems that have been found in at least 8 out of 10 women in the population. This shows how common this ailment is among the masses.

Though not a very serious health issue, it can turn into one if not taken proper care. There can be loads of causes that can be associated with female genital itching. Irritation, inflammation and infection are three of the major reasons that can lead to vaginal or genital itching.

Allergies in the region can also lead to such a problem. There are a lot of ointments and medication available in the market that you can use for relief but it is always safe to opt for home remedies and natural treatments for a safer and effective cure. For this you will need a simple guide that can broaden your horizons about the best natural remedies for genital itching. Here is the list that will help you with the same and make life easier for you-

Home Remedies And Treatments For Vaginal Itching

Yogurt Wonders!

Yoghurt is known to have good bacterial content that helps in balancing the natural bacteria and microflora in the genital region. This in turn helps in keeping it healthy and free from issues of itching and inflammation. Make sure you include a hefty amount of yoghurt in your daily diet. This natural item from the refrigerator can also be taken if you are opting for antibiotics for the problem. It will only help in brining faster results.

Yoghurt can also be applied on the vagina to stop the itching. This can be done by putting some fresh yoghurt on tampons and wearing them for a while.

Keep It Dry

Another simple way to stay away from vaginal itching is to keep the area clean and dry. An antiseptic wash during the shower is also recommended. Also make sure there is no moisture in the area and wipe it dry to avoid bacteria and fungal accumulation.

Choose Cotton Underwear

Cotton fabric underwear will help the skin breathe and also avoid bacteria accumulation. Change the underwear everyday to maintain proper hygiene. This will keep you away from genital itching as well as cure it.

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Apple Cider Vinegar, Yoghurt And Water Combo

Mix well some apple cider vinegar, yoghurt and water and splash it on the affected region or apply with the use of a washcloth. Rinse with cool water if it stings. Follow this remedy daily to get freedom from itching.

Garlic Magic!

Since garlic is one of those natural items that are known for its anti bacterial properties, it can be used as one of the ideal cures for vaginal infection and itching in women.

Advantage Of Buttermilk

You can either drink buttermilk everyday or splash it on the vaginal area. Both the procedures are highly effective and will give you instant outcomes when it comes to genital itching. Where the diet is concerned, include at least 2 glasses of buttermilk everyday.

These are some of the perfectly perfect recipes that will help you in curing vaginal itching. However, if the problem prevails it is better to consult a doctor for the same.