7 Natural Cures For Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is often referred as adhesive capsulitis. Only 2% people suffer from this problem so many may not be associated with this term. The common symptom of this problem is usually pain or sometimes rashes. Frozen shoulder occurs usually among middle old aged men and women preferably most among women. It starts with painful stage and ends in thawing stage. The pain starts with arm and person may feel difficulty in movement of arm and shoulders with increase in time.

Early diagnosis is not common in this problem as people are not too much aware of this terminology. So detection is done mostly in the second stage where most doctors opt for surgery or medically prescribed drugs and injection. But surgery contains high level of risk factors as your arm can break if shoulder is moved with forceful pressure due to stiffness at the time of surgery. We can treat this problem with natural remedies and home made products. 90% patients have achieved success in reducing pain from natural treatment.

Natural Ways To Cure Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder Exercises

A lot of physical therapists recommend exercises of shoulder for frozen shoulders. Yoga and few shoulder asana help in eliminating chronic pains of shoulder to a great extent. Yoga practices and particular asana related to shoulder pains doesn’t give immediate relief from shoulder pain but slowly and easily reduces stiffness from the shoulder and reduces swelling.

Shoulder Exercises

People suffering from frozen shoulder should include regular yoga and exercises in their daily routine to maintain a healthy body structure. Stretching helps in increasing the range of motions for frozen shoulder.

Oil Massages

Different kind of massage therapy helps in alleviating pain of frozen shoulder. Oil massages helps in reducing stiffness and relief’s pain. We can go for aroma message therapy or hot stone massage for reducing chronic pain during frozen shoulder.

Oil Massage

We can also do massage with mustard oil. We can heat mustard oil and add garlic to it while heating. We can allow it to cool down. Then apply it on our shoulders. It really helps in reducing pain..

Hot And Cold Therapy

It is one of the common practices for treating frozen shoulder pain. First we can apply heat to our shoulders to reduce stiffness. Heat can be applied by using electric pad or microwavable pad to reduce pain.

Hot Therapy

We should not provide heat more than 20 minutes. After that we should apply cold water therapy. It relieves from acute chronic pain. Don’t use heat therapy first in case of swelling. Apply cold therapy first in that case.

Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture helps in reducing pain to a great extent. A lot of people would prefer to treat themselves from this type of therapy.


It is one of the most naturally effected treatments and leads to reduce in pain after a prolonged treatment. Generally it’s a painful treatment.

Herbal Therapy

The herbs which help in reducing pain are Elakizhi which generally helps in reducing shoulder pain and improves shoulder movements.


Black sesame seeds helps in reducing pain black seasame needs to be soaked in water overnight and can be applied over the shoulders to get rid of pain and swelling. We can make Turmeric Curcumin pastes and apply it on the affected area to reduce pain. Coconut oil is also advisable but only once daily.

Dietary Control

Consumption of oil, fatty and spicy food should be avoided. We should consume ghee in adequate amount to lubricate drying of joints. A balance diet should be maintained to give a positive result. Generally we should eat more of cheese, vegetable juices and unrefined sea salt that eradicate dryness of joints and to heal our frozen shoulder pain.

Dietary Control

Dietary intake should include glucosamine and chondroitin which helps in healing of shoulder pain. The person should include warm and fresh meals in his diet. Calcium rich food like barely, sprouts is also preferred in dietary supplements.

Precautionary Method

A person suffering from frozen shoulder should take pillows beneath their shoulder. It has been discovered that sleeping on leather sofa or hard mattress would create more numbness in the arm. Person suffering from frozen shoulder should use soft pillow cushions for relaxing their arms.

Take Pillows Beneath Shoulder

The patient could also include light gymnastics and physiotherapy in this treatment as to reduce inflammation properties in the pain. A person suffering from frozen shoulder can include trigger therapy in his treatment. We need to adjust our posture of sitting and sleeping for lessen our pain. During waking hours we need to avoid slumped forward posture. And we should always to look for self care techniques to reduce pain.