Natural Cures For Indigestion

woman having Indigestion Maintaining proper health is the huge gain in life; and thus, to maintain proper health, it is very vital to concentrate on proper diet, proper exercise, walking or jogging and undertake all possible measures to keep your health fit. If health is not taken care, you will often face problems related to eyes, nose,mouth or stomach related problems such as indigestion, etc.

Some people might suffer from indigestion because of old age; due to lack of digestion power; due to less consumption of water, and so on. First and foremost matter is to eat properly; while eating, observe the way you eat; food should neither be consumed too fast nor too slow; and apart from eating, chewing properly becomes important.

Due to busy schedule of day-today life, some people might not even get time to eat properly. Eating too fast without chewing in proper manner may become the cause for indigestion. So, eat and chew properly to get rid of indigestion. Follow the below remedies that will keep you away from indigestion.

Easy Natural Cures For Indigestion

Use Garlic Pieces In Daily Diet

If indigestion takes place, it is better to eat 2-3 pieces of garlic, as garlic has medicinal ingredients that allows digestion to happen correctly.


Do not eat more pieces, as garlic is a heat substance, you might get attacked by other illness such as mouth ulcers, and so on.

Eat Betel Leaves After Meals

Eat Betal leaves, along with few pieces of arecanut, and little bit of whitewash after your lunch or dinner, which assists in fast digestion. You can also eat ready-made Pan (with sweet spices) for easy digestion of food.

Consume Cucumber And Tomato Slices

Cucumber and Tomatoes are watery and cool substances that have the capacity to make the food dilute and further assists in better digestion. So, consume cucumber and tomato slices in your daily diet. You can either eat them directly or you can use sliced cucumbers and tomatoes along with the food you eat.

Drink More Water


As drinking less water is also a cause for indigestion, drink more water that will help in fast digestion.

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Chew Tulsi And Coriander Leaves

If you do not like Pan, then you can chew a small bunch of Tulsi and Coriander leaves along with cumin seeds. As coriander leaves and cumin seeds have good digestion power, eat them to get relief.

Drink Buttermilk With Pepper Powder

Both buttermilk and pepper powder have the capacity of making the consumed food to digest quickly; and combination of these two will amazingly work in proper digestion.

Drink Lemon Juice With Soda

Lemon Juice

You can drink lemon juice along with sodium carbonate, or your can also try squeezing lemon- Take half part of the lemon, remove all the seeds, put sodium carbonate (soda) on it, squeeze the lemon till the bubble appears, and lick the bubbles (soda) immediately. This will give you relief from indigestion in few minutes.

Walk A Short Distance

Do walking for short distance to get better and quick digestion. Going for a walk, not just helps in digesting food, but also relaxes the mind.