Natural Fertility Drugs For Women

Natural Fertility Drugs For Women

Natural Fertility Drugs For Women The medicinal world of today is literally filled with drugs, medications and treatments of all kinds to treat almost any and every kind of illness, infection, disorder and disease out there. The same goes for fertility. With the advent of new medications and treatments for infertility, more women are turning towards these options for desirable results.

Natural Fertility Drugs For Women

However, it needs to be noted that conditions like infertility existed even before modern medicine was invented. And people who lived in those ages still managed to overcome the problem and give birth successfully.

Their secret? They opted for natural, herbal remedies to treat conditions like infertility and emerged victorious with the same.And that is why even today, in spite of having plenty of options to choose from, some women still tend to turn towards herbal remedies to treat their fertility issues.

There are also several natural fertility drugs available in the market for them to choose from for the same. So if you are one of those women out there who wants to stick to a more natural, herbal approach to becoming fertile, here are some of the best natural fertility drugs available in the market.

Note: Make sure you read the section at the end which offers advice on choosing the right kind of natural fertility drug and the protective measures you need to follow for the same.

Black Cohosh

Used from time immemorial as a natural drug to treat fertility issues in females, the Black Cohosh herb has potent antispasmodic properties that help to stimulate the ovaries in addition to effectively relieving the pain experienced due to menstrual cramps.
Drugs For Women The herb is available in the form of supplements which generally need to be taken during the monthly menstrual cycles, usually the first half of the menstrual cycle. Women who opt for this drug need to time their menstrual cycle precisely and need to stop taking it as soon as the ovulation phase begins.

Vitex Agnus Castus

Otherwise called the ‘female herb’, Vitex Agnus Castus also goes by the name of Chaste Berry and is an effective female hormone regulator. The herb is available in the form of supplements that need to be taken anytime during the menstrual cycle. These supplements if taken regularly help to regulate the production and function of the female hormones responsible for fertility. The drugs need to be discontinued in the event of pregnancy.

Evening Primrose Oil

Available as both creams and supplements that need to be taken orally, the evening primrose oil herb helps to improve the cervical mucous quality, thus aiding in implantation and pregnancy. However, the drug needs to be stopped immediately in case of a suspected pregnancy as it could potentially cause uterine contractions that could lead to miscarriages or other pregnancy related issues.

False Unicorn

Ask any herbalist about the best possible natural drug for fertility and you will most probably find this herb at the top of the list he/she provides. Considered for ages as a miracle herb, False Unicorn helps both females and males overcome fertility problems effectively.

The herb is present in supplements used to treat infertility and generally needs to be taken during menstruation. It is believed that False Unicorn helps to regulate the ovaries present in the body, thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy.

However, like evening primrose oil, it could lead to pregnancy complications and so needs to be stopped immediately in cases of suspected or confirmed pregnancies. It is also recommended that you stop taking False Unicorn supplements after the ovulation phase as it could lead to painful menstrual cramps.

Red Raspberry Leaf

This particular herb focuses on the uterus and helps to strengthen the walls of the same. A strong uterine lining would increase the chances of successful implantation in case of fertilization. Red Raspberry Leaf supplements also help to increase the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, thereby increasing the chances of fertilization before the egg leaves the uterus. The drug needs to be stopped in case of suspected pregnancy.

Certain Points To Ponder Before Opting For Natural Fertility Drugs

As in the case of conventional drugs for fertility, it is always considered best to check a particular herbal drug or supplement with a qualified herbalist before taking it. You also need to point out any additional drugs, medications or treatments you may be taking for fertility. For certain conventional medications could cause side effects when combined with natural drugs to treat the same issue.

Most of the natural fertility drugs could have certain uncomfortable side effects on the body which also need to be discussed with the herbalist. Herbal medicines also come in unregulated amounts and with varying strengths and formulations. So make sure you discuss the right amount of the drug and the pros and cons of using it with a herbalist before starting the course.

It would take weeks, even months for certain herbal remedies to produce desirable results. So you need to be patient and continue the course rather than opting for stronger dosages or other herbal remedies.