7 Natural Laxatives Home Remedies For Constipation

Home Remedies For Constipation

Constipation is a major issue in some persons especially if they are the victim of a few diseases such as fibroids, thyroid etc. To solve this condition it is necessary to take laxatives as it would help to ease the bowel moments of an individual. Laxatives are usually compound forms which are also known as purgatives.

They have the capability to cleanse the digestive tract and cleanse the colons in your intestine. Rather than opting for laxatives in medicinal form, it is advisable to find natural laxatives as they are more effective. Read on this article to know about natural laxatives home remedies for constipation.

Best Laxatives Home Remedies For Constipation

Castor Oil Is The Best

Castor Oil

This is considered as the best laxative as it can ease any degree of constipation due to its ability to ease the bowel movements at a faster pace. Have a tea spoon of raw castor oil in the morning in empty stomach as it will help in improving the bowel movement.

Honey Is Good


You can consume honey in many ways. Mix one cup of warm water with a table spoon of honey. Consume this twice a day. You can also add juice of half a lemon to this and drink for a change. This simple laxative works wonders for you, if consumed regularly.

Wood Apple Does Wonders

Wood Apple

Wood apple or bael fruit, as it is popularly called helps to relieve you from all stomach disorders. It is one amongst the popular natural laxatives home remedies for constipation.You can consume the fruit as it is or extract the juice and drink to ease ineffective digestion and dispose of waste fecal matter.

Cereals Are Your Thing


Cereals have bran in them and are an excellent home remedy and a laxative. Make sure that you take some sort of cereals in your daily breakfast and also as a snack before retiring to bed to get relieved from constipation and to be sure that you have good bowel movements.

Raisin Is Y0ur Thing


If you have kids at home and prefer to have a natural laxative then you can soak raisins in warm water for some time and then mash well them in the soaked water, strain this juice and feed your kids with this juice twice a day to aid them have easy bowel moments. This mild laxative offers a soothing effect on your baby’s digestive system.

Probiotics Are Your Thing


Eat curd or yoghurt every day as it is an excellent laxative which has the ability to ease the bowel movements in a much effective manner. You can also consume it with honey and fruits to make it a smoothie as fruits are also an effective natural laxative. Make sure that you choose fruits such as apples or bananas for your smoothies.

Nuts Are Awesome


You can take nuts in any form. You can go for nuts such as cashew, almonds, pumpkin seeds and even sunflower seeds as they are said to contain laxative abilities which would make your stomach remain free from the discomfort that is caused by irregular bowel movements.