6 Natural Remedies For Stomach Pain Relief

Stomach Pain Relief

Stomach pain is one of the commonest ailments that all of us experience at some point in our lives. The pain varies from being little to moderate to an unbearable kind. The usual causes are indigestion, ulcers, constipation, food poisoning, excessive gas, appendicitis or inflammation of gall bladder, UTI infections and kidney stones.

The abdominal pain is more of a symptom, to some underlying problem than an ailment itself. It is one of the key symptoms of so many diseases or phases of life like menstrual cramps, pregnancy to cancer patients and the list is endless. But there are ways to handle the stomach pain and discomfort with proper care and management.

Natural Solutions For Stomach Pain Relief

Lemons For Instant Relief


If indigestion seems to be the cause of the stomach pain, resulting from eating fast without proper chewing or over eating, then lemons are the safest remedial solution. Lemons are rich source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which helps to kill the harmful bacteria causing indigestion.

These serve as better option than antacids or baking soda as lemons work on removing the cause of problem whereas antacids only neutralize the excreted acids from these unsafe bacteria. Squeeze out half a lemon in a cup of warm water and drink it whenever the pain arises. One may use lemon juice if fresh lemons are not possible.

Herbs For Better Digestion

Ginger For Easy Digestion


Ginger has anti inflammatory properties that helps in easy digestion and helps to combat stomach pains. Make use of peeled and grated fresh ginger in the tea preparations on regular basis. Since ginger is a spicy herb, hence, those who are sensitive to spicy foods or allergic to ginger could try ginger supplements available as pills.

Ginger candies are also available that do contain real ginger; these can be also be tried on, but do confirm that these are not loaded with conventional sugars, otherwise, these may further upset the stomach instead of relieving the pain.

Herbal Tea For Aching Stomach

Herbal Tea

Fresh Mint also aids digestion and enhances appetite, so make use of few mint leaves while making tea or one can simply chew them to have its benefits. It is considered the preferred option for women with severe menstrual cramps as they get much relieved after using them. One can make use of available mint tea or peppermint supplements but if have a choice prefer using it in the natural form.

Chamomile tea, the most preferred herbal tea, in addition to comforting an aching stomach, also helps to calm the nerves so that one can have sound sleep and relaxation. Dried flowers of chamomile are available at herbal shops or food stores in case one prefer these over chamomile tea. For an extra flavor, add lemon to the tea and get dual benefits.

Fennel and Licorice are amongst the popular herbal plants that are the key ingredient of major herbal teas as these ease bloating or indigestion. If one likes raw fennel, a fresh slice of fennel bulb could be used. Many do not like taste of these herbal plants; hence, those can use herbal teas instead. Only in high amounts, licorice may cause increase of blood pressure and further irritate ulcers (if present). Do keep a check on how much licorice is getting consumed and consult the physician for knowing the safe levels.

BRAT Diet For Diarrhea Linked Stomach Pain


For those associated with diarrhea along with stomach pain, the National Institute of Health recommends using BRAT diet. The diet includes banana, applesauce, rice and toast.

It is being prescribed by doctors in various hospitals as BRAT diet include foods that are gentle to stomach, absorb toxins and neutralize stomach acidity. Sticking to BRAT diet will relieve the patient from diarrhea as the symptoms lessen within one or two days. For those whose stomach pain is accompanied by vomiting too, BRAT diet should not be considered.

Lime Juice For Vomiting Linked Stomach Pain

Lime Juice

When vomiting occur alongside abdominal pain and is due to overeating, morning sickness, drinking excess alcohol or common cold, then chilled juice of lime should be taken as it is beneficial like lemons but more gentle due to lower concentration of beneficial components. For additional benefit, also add ginger to chilled lime juice.

Foods To Be Avoided

Foods To Be Avoided

During stomach pains, one must avoid having all dairy products as one may get allergic to dairy foods or develop lactose intolerance probably due to some infection. One needs to skip vegetables that cause bloating like beans, cauliflower or broccoli as long as stomach is back to normal. It is essential to avoid eating late at night, close to sleeping time as during sleep the digestive juices flow up from stomach to esophagus causing acidity problems.