7 Natural Remedies To Tightening A Vagina

Natural Remedies To Tightening A Vagina

Almost all of us women out there would face the issue of a loose vagina at a certain point of time. A part of the female reproductive system, the vagina is made of mucous membranes and fibrous tissues that become lax and loose due to age, hormonal disturbances, frequent sex or child birth. Child birth is considered to be the foremost reasons for a loose vagina as during delivery, the vaginal walls will stretch to their maximum limit in order to make way for the fetus. Repeated contractions during the delivery will hence cause the vaginal walls to lose their elasticity, thereby making the vagina loose.

Home Remedies To Tighten a Vagina

A  loose vagina can be a cause for concern, especially for young women who are sexually active. In addition to inhibiting their orgasm and pleasure during sex, a loose vagina can inhibit male arousal and performance as well. And so, if you are one of those women out there who are desperately looking out for effective remedies to tighten a vagina, but without disclosing the problem to anyone; here are some of the most common and most effective home remedies for the same. These options would help you tighten the vaginal walls and restore the elasticity of the same to a great extent.

Exercises At Home

1. Kegel Exercises

One of the best recommended home remedies for vaginal tightening is Kegel Exercises that focus on the tissues and muscles present in the vaginal walls and the pelvic floor. The most basic form of Kegel exercises involves simply contracting and expanding these muscles to restore elasticity and strength to the pelvic muscles. However, here are some alternate and really effective ways in which you can do the same exercise.

1. Try holding back your urine every time you need to urinate. This would contract the muscles in your vagina, thereby restoring their strength and elasticity. You can also attempt to stop midway during urination for about 5 seconds before urinating again. Repeat this until you have finished urinating completely.

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2. Contract the muscles in your groin and keep them contracted for about 10 seconds before relaxing the same. Wait for 10 seconds before repeating the procedure. Do 15 repetitions of the same exercise to form one complete set and follow up with at least 4 sets a day.

3. You can perform Kegel exercise while sitting down as well. Accordingly, sit on a hard chair and bend forward. As you do so, make sure to contract the pelvic muscles from back to front. Maintain the position for about 15 seconds before returning back to your normal stance. Now repeat the practice while contracting the muscles from front to back. Follow up with 10 sets of the same exercise.

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2. Herbal Creams And Supplements

There are plenty of herbal supplements and creams out there that promise quick results when it comes to tightening a vagina. However, make sure that these products are natural and do not contain substances you are allergic to before opting to use them.

3. Vaginal Cones

Another very effective way to tighten the vaginal muscles would be to use vaginal cones. Shaped like your regular tampons, these cones come with different weights attached to them. Fix the lowest weight to the cone and insert it into your vagina. Contract the muscles of your vagina to hold the cone in place and maintain the stance for about 10-15 minutes before letting it drop. Repeat this exercise at least twice a day for best benefits. As you progress, increase the weight attached to the cone and try holding the same inside the vagina for longer periods.

4. Alternate Exercises

Lay down on your back. Now raise your right leg slowly while keeping your left leg grounded. Maintain the stance for about 15 seconds before lowering your right leg. Repeat the exercise with your left leg to complete one set. Follow up with about 10-15 sets in a day. Another variant to this exercise involves keeping your legs grounded and moving both of them laterally and medially. Repeat the exercise for about 10 minutes and follow up with 4 sets at regular intervals throughout the day.

Alternate Exercises

5. Yoga For Vaginal Tightening

If you practice yoga on a regular basis, you would know that there are certain stances and exercises that help to tighten the vaginal muscles. Repeating these exercises at regular intervals throughout the day would enable you to get a strong, tight vagina in a very short span of time.

6. Herbal Home Treatments For Vaginal Tightening

Certain herbs can be used for vaginal tightening, and can be used in homemade creams and washes to get a tight vagina.Accordingly, a concoction made of gooseberry boiled in water can be used as a regular wash to douche the vagina. Regular use of this concoction would restore elasticity, strength and suppleness to the vaginal walls. You can also mix up a part of vinegar with two parts of water and use the same as an effective douche to cleanse the vaginal walls of menstrual impurities and bacterial infections that may be causing it to become weak and slack. Other alternatives for these douches include diluted lime juice, alum powder and pickling spices. Peuraria Mirifica and Oak gall are two herbs that are widely used in products aimed at vaginal tightening. These herbs contain phyto estrogens and powerful astringent properties that help to tighten, firm and lubricate the vagina, thus restoring its natural size and elasticity. So make sure you either include these herbs in your diet or opt for creams, gels and supplements that contain these herbs.

7. Alternate Forms Of Treatment

Alternatively, you can opt for homeopathic pills like Sepia 30 which would help you get a tight vagina really quick, provided you couple the course with the exercises mentioned above. 4 of these pills taken every day for at least a month can get you good results. Of course you would need to check the same with a doctor beforehand.