7 Best Natural Remedies For Toothaches


Toothaches are not only one of the most common ailments but also one of the most painful ones if they prevail for long. It is one of those problems that might occur anytime and can cause you a lot of discomfort and twinge.

There are a lot of medications available in the market that can give you some temporary relief. But then the side effects is something that you wouldn’t want to suffer from. For people who are looking for completely safe and effective treatments without any adverse effects on the health, natural remedies and cures is the perfect option.

Also, they are very easy to follow and will give you a chance for permanent cure if followed regularly. It is very important to follow only those natural cures that has been tried and tested. For the same purpose, you will need a trustworthy guide that lists down all the ideal home remedies for toothaches. Here is the list that will make things easier for you and help you avoid the suffering-

Home Cures And Treatments For Toothaches

Brushing The Teeth Regularly

One of the simplest ways to stay away from toothaches is to brush your teeth on a regular basis at least twice in a day.

Brushing The Teeth

Also, it is advisable to rinse the mouth with mouth wash to keep away from bacteria accumulation in the mouth which is the major reason for pains and soreness.

Applying Clove Oil

One of the safest and the most effective home cure that can work miracles on toothaches is the application of clove oil in the affected area.

Clove Oil

For this, all you have to do is take some clove oil on a piece of clean cotton ball and apply on the tooth as well as on the surrounding gums. Instant relief can be experienced from this treatment.

Garlic Wonders!

For toothaches, you can use a clove of raw garlic with some rock salt and place it on the sore tooth. This will also help you get some freedom from the pains.


The garlic can also be crushed for better results. The anti bacterial property of garlic will also help in avoiding accumulation in the area.

Whiskey Rinse

An interesting way to kill the toothache is to swish the mouth with some neat whiskey or rum. Swallowing the liquid is not advisable.


Before spiting out the liquid make sure you keep it in the mouth for a while especially in the area where you are experiencing pain the most.

Onion Miracles!

Another home remedy that researches show is very effective is the use of onion. All you have to do is place a piece of raw onion on the tooth.


Its anti bacterial properties will help in giving you relief instantly.

Benefit Of Asafetida


Application of this powder is easy when it comes to toothache as well as highly beneficial. It will show great results in a matter of minutes only.

Pepper And Salt Mix

Pepper And Salt

Mix in some common salt with pepper and apply on the tooth for effective outcomes. These are some of the perfectly perfect home recipes for severe toothaches. In case the problem prevails, make sure you consult a professional.