Natural Way To Ovarian Cyst Pain Relief

Usually characterized by the collection of fluid behind a very thin layer or wall, an ovarian cyst is typically an ovarian follicle, but is much larger than the latter. Situated in the ovary, ovarian cysts are common occurrences in women and can either be small enough to resemble a pea or large enough to resemble a cantaloupes.

Most is not all ovarian cysts are too small to cause any harm and are usually benign. However, some ovarian cysts can increase in size and cause harmful side effects like extreme pain, discomfort, bleeding etc.

Natural Ways To Treat Ovarian Cyst Pain

Although surgery is a well known option to remove ovarian cysts, there are plenty of natural remedies that can effectively take care of ovarian cysts without making you go under the knife for the same. Here are some of the more common natural remedies for ovarian cysts and the pain associated with them.

Heat Remedy

If you feel discomfort and pain due to an ovarian cyst, you can opt for a warm bath wherein the heat would give some relief from the pain you experience. Alternatively, you can opt to place warm towels, hot water bottles or heating pads on the back and pelvic region to reduce the pain. A little compression would go a great way in helping you treat ovarian cyst pain.

If you are opting for heating pads or other sources of heat, make sure that you place a towel in between the heat source and your body in order to avoid getting burnt. Then again, you can heat your medications before consuming them for better results.

Foods To Intake And Avoid

If you are suffering from immense pain due to ovarian cysts, you would need to opt for certain foods that act as diuretics and help reduce the pain and swelling in the affected region. Accordingly, you can opt to include foods like tomatoes, cucumbers, carrot, parsley, lettuce, and herbal teas (including mint, raspberry and chamomile teas) etc. to get relief from ovarian cyst pain.

Ovarian Cyst Pain Relief

In addition to opting for certain foods, you would also need to avoid certain foods if you want to get relief from ovarian cyst pain. These include spicy foods, coffee and other caffeinated products, red meat, dairy products and alcohol etc. These foods could alter the estrogen levels in the body and can potentially aggravate the pain. Drinking water can help provide relief from ovarian cysts. So make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

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Frequent Urination

Never continue the urge to urinate, no matter where you are at that moment! Trying to hold back your urine could place undue stress on the pelvic region and thus aggravate the pain caused by the cyst. So make it a point to empty your bladder at regular intervals. This can reduce the pain caused by ovarian cysts to an extent.

Clothing Considerations

Tight clothing could place pressure on the pelvic region and aggravate the condition and the pain that accompanies it. Alternatively, opting for lightweight and loose cotton clothing would reduce the pressure placed on the pelvic region and the resulting pain. Some of the other common natural remedies for ovarian cysts include homeopathy, use of antioxidant supplements and herbal remedies.

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