Natural Ways To Get Pregnant After 40

Natural Ways to Get Pregnant After 40 A woman’s biological clock is precisely programmed so that she has to go through certain procedures like birth and conception within a certain period of time. Failing this, women will have to go through a lot of struggle and heartache conceiving.

Getting pregnant at the age of 40 could turn out to be a humungous task, especially if you have never been pregnant before. However, nothing is impossible and some women are still lucky enough to achieve this feat.

A combination of adequate diet, lifestyle changes and a positive outlook is all you need at this stage to see you through the session. Here are some natural ways to embrace pregnancy at 40.

Natural Methods To Attain Pregnancy After 40

The first thing to do here is to plan your pregnancy and allow your body time to get adjusted. This would mean that you have to stop taking birth control pills or other birth control measures at least 4-5 months before you try. The body requires time to get back to normalcy after stopping your contraception. Wait until your menstrual cycle is regular so that you can plan your ovulation days and try to conceive.

As you enter forties, you could have weight gain problems which too need to be addressed if you are planning a pregnancy. Weight gain can tamper with your ovulation and hormone levels. Overweight can also make you susceptible to diabetes and high blood pressure which are all detrimental to your aim and general health.

Serious diet changes need to be adapted into your life. Habits like intake of coffee, junk food, alcohol, preservatives etc. need to be stopped completely if you have to conceive at this age.

Smoking and use of other toxins too must be stopped completely a few months before you plan your pregnancy as it can reduce your fertility. Toxins can lead to severe deformities in the foetus and make pregnancy difficult as well.

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Care must be taken not to use tampons as your cervix and vagina needs to be in better shape for conception. You must also stop using vaginal douches, sprays and other lubricants in the vagina as the chemicals present in these products can tamper with the ph balance in the vagina and also cause infections.

You may try natural treatments like intake of flax seeds, evening primrose oil, vitamin E and soy products if your have vaginal dryness, lack of adequate cervical mucus etc.

Nutritious food too makes a whole lot of difference in your chances to conceive. Take food that is rich in folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids and a balanced diet. Increase the intake of food that is rich in zinc, vitamin E, B, C, iron, selenium etc. which will aid your sexual health as well.

Once all these factors are conducive and you are in excellent health, it is time for you to try conceiving. Wait for six months to see if you conceive naturally. If conception does not happen even after six months, it is advisable to consult a fertility expert for further procedures.