7 Best Natural Ways To Treat Anemia

7 Best Natural Ways To Treat Anemia

7 Best Natural Ways To Treat Anemia

It was a myth in the past that anemia is some sort of disease. Actually it is not the case, as anemia is nothing but the lower level of red blood corpuscles in the blood. The red blood cells are so low in the blood that they are not capable to carry oxygen to various body parts. There are various kinds of anemia and which can be cured by numerous numbers of methods. It is better to opt for the home remedies that are easy as well as effective at the same time.

Following Are Some Of The Best Home Remedies:

Intake Of Dates In The Diet

Dates are known to be the best source of vitamin C as well as iron. The amount of iron that the human body needs can be fulfilled by proper intake of dates in the diet. Soak about 2-3 dates in a cup of milk and left it overnight. Eat the dates and drink the entire milk the very next morning. It helps for best results.


Intake Of Apple And Beetroot Juice

Beet is the best source for potassium as well as fiber. Apple is also a good source for iron. The combination juice of apple and beet make a wonderful solution to tackle problem such as anemia. One cup of apple along with one cup of beet can be mixed and little amount of honey can also be added to it. This solution helps to boost the mechanism in order to tackle anemia.

Beetroot Juice

Intake Of Spinach

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable, which is the best source to provide Vitamin C, A, B9 as well as beta carotene, calcium, fiber and iron. Spinach juice can surely become the best solution to treat anemia. Half a cup of spinach juice is enough to maintain the level of RBC’s in the human body. It should be kept in mind that the spinach juice should be boiled in order to reduce the high oxalic acid levels.


Use Of Pomegranate

Pomegranates are always known for increasing the levels of hemoglobin. It also has other benefits such as good level of magnesium and calcium. The Vitamin C in pomegranate helps in proper absorption of iron in the body. It can be taken directly as juice during breakfast time. Regular intake of this juice will create miraculous results in increasing the red blood cells and good increase in the level of hemoglobin.

Pomegranate Juice

Sesame Seeds For Treating Anemia

Black sesame seeds are very effective to treat anemia as it helps to increase the level of RBC in the blood. They are best source of iron and intake of sesame seeds is thus proved to be helpful. There are various numbers of ways to take sesame seeds in the diet to tackle problems relating to anemia.

Sesame Seeds

Tomatoes To Cure Anemia

Intake of foods that are rich in iron can help to tackle anemia. Intake of iron is not enough and absorption of that iron is most important. Tomatoes are thus helpful in absorbing iron by the human body. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and Vitamin C that are the main reason for absorbing iron in the body.


Using Parsley To Treat Anemia

Parsley is also known as rock celery and is a very good source of folic acid and iron. Intake of proper amount of parsley on daily basis can help to increase the level of iron in the body. It will also help to absorb the iron into the body. It can be taken raw or process slightly for best results.