Necessary Things To Know About Pregnancy


Pregnancy Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and yet challenging phases in the life of a woman. Prior conceiving, most women have a vague conception about pregnancy. These ideas usually include putting on weight, suffering from morning sickness and undergoing several tests for ensuring that the baby is fine. While all these ideas are truly, pregnancy is a lot more than these notions.

In this article, we will highlight certain things you must know about pregnancy. This way, you will be aware of this beautiful phase and be prepared both physically and mentally. Learn more about crucial pregnancy related facts.

Things To Know About Pregnancy 

Morning Sickness Can Take Place Any Time

The term morning sickness is misleading because during pregnancy you can feel nausea during anytime of the day. While doctors say that morning sickness goes away after you complete 12 weeks of pregnancy, truth is that in maximum cases, it remains till you deliver your baby.

Morning Sickness

The best way to deal morning sickness would be to eat meals at regular intervals and keep crackers nearby. In case morning sickness becomes extreme, it’s better to consult a doctor.

The Urge To Urinate Can Occur Several Times A Day

During pregnancy, you will have to urinate very frequently. One reason behind this frequent urination is that when you are pregnant, you have to drink several glasses of water throughout the day. Naturally, this will increase the frequency of your urination. Another reason is that when you are pregnant, blood increases in your body. As a result, your kidneys need to process fluids in greater amount, with the result that more fluids come out.

Pregnancy Rash Is Common

While everyone talks about the growing belly during pregnancy, very few discuss about experiencing pregnancy rash. However, the truth is that pregnancy rash is quite common. In general terms, it refers to a skin condition that appears on different parts of the body.

Pregnancy Rash

Some women can even experience full body pregnancy rash. In maximum cases, these rashes occur because of hormonal changes. Seeking the help of a doctor can be a good way of treating these rashes.

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Breasts Change During Pregnancy

It is a known fact that during pregnancy, breasts usually increase in size. However, you may not be aware that during pregnancy, they can become sore as well. Some women also experience increased sensation in the breasts.

Breasts Change During Pregnancy

In maximum cases, these changes occur because of hormonal factors that increase the blood flow. The uncomfortable feeling can be reduced by wearing a supportive bra, preferably in cotton.

Craving For Forbidden Foods Is Common

A pregnant woman is advised to avoid certain foods like sushi, soft cheese during this phase. Drinking alcohol is also not recommended during pregnancy. Ironically, many women feel the extreme urge to eat these forbidden foods or drink alcohol while being pregnant. However, for the sake of the baby, it is important to avoid them, no matter how strong the urge is. Once you have delivered your baby, there’s no harm in eating them.

Prepare yourself for pregnancy with the help of these tips.