Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs

Reports suggest that about 15,000 women die every year from ovarian cancer. The most important problem here is the confusion that arises with the symptoms presented by ovarian cancer. The symptoms are way too similar to other simple disorders like irritable bowel syndrome which makes women ignore and go on with life.

Survival rate of ovarian cancer can be increased greatly if women are made aware and suspect cancer to seek treatment early on. If you suspect ovarian cancer and have symptoms that are not normal, you must seek attention immediately. Here are some warning signs to look out for.

Family History

If you have a family history of ovarian cancer, no symptoms must be ignored. Women who have undergone menopause and those who are over the age of sixty are mostly susceptible to the disease and all women who have a genetic disposition must go for regular checkups if they are faced with symptoms that are mentioned below.

Bladder Problems

As ovarian cancer puts a lot of pressure on the bladder, many women will have problems with bladder control. Frequent need for urination is one symptom to watch out for. This can be due to bladder infections too or diabetes. Checking is the only way by which you can confirm and stay out of tension. The need for urination will be so overpowering that you lose control if you do not relieve immediately.

Back And Pelvic Problems

As the ovaries are located in the pelvic region, ovarian cancer will always be followed by pain in the pelvic region and lower back pain as well. The kind of pain associated with ovarian cancer will not fade away with OTC pain relievers and will worsen with time. Pelvic pain can become worse during sexual intercourse and you might also be faced with abnormal vaginal bleeding during intercourse or otherwise.

Indigestion Problems

These symptoms are very confusing and can lead to the false idea that it s due to indigestion and gas. Women who have ovarian cancer will be faced with bloating and a constant feeling of fullness in the stomach. This would be followed by indigestion and diarrhoea or constipation. If these symptoms occur without any real cause for indigestion and way too frequently, do not ignore it as it can be due to ovarian cancer.

Fatigue And Loss Of Appetite

Severe fatigue and loss of appetite are symptoms that you must not ignore. It could be due to ovarian cancer as most cancers are followed by a loss of appetite or fatigue even after the person has got adequate rest and do not have any need for feeling tired.

Weight Fluctuations

Fluctuations in weight like sudden loss of weight or weight gain without any reason must be attributed to some internal problem that can be ovarian cancer. If the weight fluctuation occurs without any cause, this must be noted and reported to the doctor.

Those women who get early treatment for ovarian cancer before it spreads to other organs have a 95% survival rate. Once the cancer spreads to the next stage, survival rate is only between 28-79%.