Pain During Intercourse — Warning Signs For Ladies

Pain During Intercourse

Pain During Intercourse It is understandable that most if not all women experience pain when they have sexual intercourse for the first time. However, if the pain continues every time they have sex, then there is a reason to be concerned about the same.

Although there may be many reasons for women to experience pain during intercourse, the results would be the same in almost all the cases. Accordingly, incessant pain in the vaginal area during sexual intercourse may spoil the excitement and future anticipation of sex altogether. And the woman in question would most definitely not look forward to having sex with her partner in the future.

Which brings us to the purpose of this article. Listed here are a few of the more common reasons for women experiencing pain every time they have sex. Even though most of these problems can be solved easily, some may warrant a professional’s advice and treatment.

Different Reasons For Pain During Intercourse

Lack Of Sexual Stimulation

Maybe you are not mentally excited about having sex with your partner. And maybe that is the reason it shows in your physical performance when you have intercourse. Lack of excitement would restrict lubrication altogether which would in turn make the vagina dry. And so when you have sex, you feel extreme pain during penetration.

What you can do: Talk with your partner about the issue and try something different for a change. If the same old position sounds boring, try a different position that sounds exciting. Do something exciting for a change and find out new ways to arouse each other. As your body gets aroused, it would automatically send signals to the vagina to start lubricating.

Vaginal Dryness

Pain During Intercourse

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A very common cause for pain during intercourse is a dry vagina. And lack of sexual stimulation cannot be the only reason for that. With age, the oestrogen levels in the body decrease rapidly. Decrease of the oestrogen levels in the vaginal area would lead to the latter drying up. This in turn would make penetration during sex, extremely hard and painful.

What you can do: There are plenty of oestrogen creams and medications available in the market. Opting for a cream would give faster benefits when compared to medications. Of course, that also means you need to get a good quality oestrogen cream (a doctor’s advice is strongly recommended) in order to avoid infections or harmful side effects later on.

Local Infections

If the pain during sex is more prevalent at the entry or on the vaginal surface, then there is a strong chance of an external, local infection that would require condition specific antibiotics or anti fungal applications.

What you need to do: An external infection would most surely require a visit to the doctor who would assess the problem and the reason for the same before starting you out on a specific antibiotic or antifungal treatment. Do not opt for self medication as you may end up with side effects that are more troublesome than the issue itself.

Possible Endometriosis

If you experience pain deep inside the vagina during sex, you might most probably be suffering from an infection in the internal organ, or endometriosis. A condition that leads to the pockets of blood collecting along the uterine wall in an abnormal manner, endometriosis can cause extreme discomfort and pain during sex.

What you need to do: Visit a gynaecologist right away and find out the reason for the internal pain. A thorough clinical examination (internal) and an ultrasonography would underline the possibility of endometriosis, after which the appropriate treatment can be started.

Remember this! Never rubbish these pains as being normal. If they disturb you on more than one occasion, you better get the reason for the same checked out. Timely diagnosis and treatment are the only ways to take care of the pain, the phobia that comes with it and possibly a strained intimate relationship!

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