Pregnancy And Skin Problems

Pregnancy is an important stage of life. During this stage, a girl has to undergo multiple hormonal changes. These changes bring about some effects skin related problems.

It is well known that skin receives a special glow during pregnancy, but it may have to face some adverse effects as well. The hormonal changes in body also give rise to mental stress, fatigue, fever, etc. which in turn affect the skin health. To keep the skin healthy during pregnancy, you have to follow the effective skin care treatments. Usually the changes in woman’s body produced during pregnancy are temporary and they disappear fully after child-birth.

Standard Skin Problems During Pregnancy And Their Causes:

Acne or pimples is the frequently seen skin issue among pregnant women. During first three-four months, a woman may have to fight with the problem of dry skin which leads to acne. The hormonal fluctuations result into skin dryness.  During pregnancy, sometimes excess oil is produced by the oil glands and eruptions are seen all over the skin. This problem can occur at any stage of pregnancy and can be seen after a few months of delivery. Pimply eruptions are normally observed from fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.

Skin tag can be found during this period. These tags are developed under breasts, arms and in the skin folds of neck, elbows or knees.
Reddish sunburn like spots appear on the legs, upper chest, arms and back which look like spider webs. These are known as spider veins. These spider veins are caused basically due to the increased blood circulation during pregnancy.

Itchy red palm is another popular problem among pregnant women. This is called as palmer erythema. The increasing estrogen level during pregnancy causes the palms to become flaky, itchy and red. Such skin is also seen on the bottom of the feet. You can get rid of such skin; post delivery.

During the end of second trimester or start of third trimester, your skin begins to lose its color and glow. This can be termed as Melasma. The areas commonly affected with melasma are cheeks, forehead and upper lips. A woman happens to meet this problem due to the increased level of hormones. The main reason behind this; is unnecessary exposure to sunlight. It leads to the skin pigmentation producing irregular brown patches on the body.

Finally the most crucial skin problem of pregnancy is stretch marks. These marks appear on the abdomen area, breast and thighs. During pregnancy, body stretches and expands a lot producing stretch marks. These marks are prominently found after child birth. As the time passes, these marks turn whitish, but it is very difficult to completely fade them away.

Best Treatments For Pregnancy Skin Problems:

To assist the skin against dryness, you have to drink sufficient water every day. One needs to increase the intake of fresh juicy fruits and leafy greens.

A pregnant woman should drink milk or coconut water added with sugar, saffron and turmeric. Ghee prepared from cow milk acts beneficial during pregnancy. Coconut water and coconut flesh is very essential for the health of a pregnant woman. Include rice in your daily meals instead of other heavy food items. Rice is easy to digest during this period.

Increase the intake of vitamin C during pregnancy to prevent your skin from uneven marks and patches.

Skin creams containing vitamin E and cocoa butter act worthwhile to be applied to the stretch marks. Lotions with glycolic acid are also useful to treat patchy skin during pregnancy.

Use warm lukewarm water for bathing. Avoid using harsh soaps containing chemicals or perfumes which may irritate the skin and remove away the natural skin oils.

Avoid using tight clothes to prevent undesirable rubbing of body. Always use loose cotton clothes to protect the skin from rashes or allergies.

Get enough sleep. Use various methods for relaxation. Meditation can execute as an excellent way to keep the mind relaxed and fresh.

You regularly need to apply good moisturizing lotion to your body after bath. Use a mild body wash or soap to clear away the dirt from your skin.

Have a facial and body massage suitable for your skin. This helps in rejuvenating the skin during pregnancy. Massage your body with warm oil everyday to keep it properly nourished. During this stage, hair also become colorless and pale. You need to oil your hair regularly to prevent hair-fall and hair dryness.

If you notice slight change in your skin, consult a specialist and start treating the problem immediately to prevent severity.

Skin care products added with UV filters can be effectively used to protect the skin from pigmentation. You should protect the skin from extreme hot and extreme cold weather during pregnancy.

If you suffer with severely oily skin, you can use the face mask made of Fullers Earth, Turmeric and Clay.

When skin stretches during pregnancy, it begins to itch. But, it is recommended to avoid scratching the skin heavily, because its condition can go worse if done so.

The most essential thing to be kept in mind during pregnancy is; keeping your nails short. Longer nails can become the biggest reason for skin injuries even if appropriate care is provided. It is well known that women love to have longer beautiful nails. But for God’s sake, compromise with your nails during this crucial period of your life.

Add 3-4 drops of medicated liquid soap or mint leaves in regular bathing water to provide freshening aroma to your body keeping the germs and insects away.

Pregnancy is the fundamental stage of life where a woman experiences numerous changes in her physical and mental conditions. During this period, she needs proper care, attention, love and respect. The hormonal changes occurring in her body contribute to the skin problems too. If necessary precautions and treatments are not followed during pregnancy, skin trouble can become lifelong partner of a woman. To maintain the skin beauty, she not only needs to look after her physical health but also mental health. The above mentioned practices can facilitate one to have pleasant skin during pregnancy and after delivery too.