Preparing Body Before Conceiving – A Must For Healthy Pregnancy

To give life to a human being is a Godly feeling. It’s a feeling of joy, contentment and peace. To become a mother is the happiest moment in any woman’s life. But with changing times, due to our lifestyles, polluted environment, intake of pesticides along with eatables, our stress level, this simple law of nature to give birth to a healthy child has become a herculean task for many.

So once you make up your mind to give rise to next progeny, you have to prepare your body.

Three months is the optimum time that every couple should invest in preparing their bodies to give birth to a new life. During this period, care should be taken in following aspects:

Food Before Conceiving

First of all, prefer eating homemade freshly cooked hot food. The food should not be oily or too spicy. Such food depreciates the nutritional value of home cooked food too.

Tinned or packed foods, any food item with preservatives, breads should be a complete “NO”. Eating right food at right time is equally important. Have a fruit of your choice in the starving state.

As the digestive system is at its best between 7am to 10am, so utilise this time in having your breakfast. Include sprouted pulses in your meal during daytime. During this time period, avoid over eating and fasting too.

Habits Before Conceiving

Morning and evening walk is a must for both the partners. A low oxygen level in the body is the major reason for low sperm count in males.

If you are not suffering from any ailment, then simple relaxed walk can work wonders in increasing the sperm concentration and its motility rate.

Avoid having alcohol and quit smoking or any kind of tobacco intake. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day.

In females, amount of water is directly proportional to cervical mucus that provides a protective environment for the sperm to reach ova.

Medicines Before Conceiving

Antibiotics, painkillers, anti-allergic or any other type of medicines should be avoided to the maximum extent. Anti-allergic reduce water content in the body thus directly affecting the healthy environment required for sperms and ova.

Instead of these medicines, prefer Home remedies for the cure. For instance, for common cold and flu, try having tea mixed with tulsi leaves and freshly grounded Peppercorns 3-4 times a day.

For sore throat, prefer giving hot massage to your tonsillitis through gargles and then put 2 cloves in your mouth till the time they dissolve by themselves.

These remedies cure the inflammated area without hampering immune system. Remember all these minor ailments take at least 3-4 days to get cured completely even if one take antibiotics and anti-allergic, so first prefer these kitchen remedies which have no dampening effect on reproductive system.

Health Supplements Before Conceiving

Routine diets cannot fulfill the nutrition requirement which leads to general debility, weakness and loss of immunity. So it is advisable to add some easily digestible health supplement to your diet.

These supplements replenish nutrients requirement as well as de-toxicate your body. Start your morning by having 3-4 tulsi leaves and cumin seeds with water on empty stomach.

Males should include 1 date, dipped overnight with milk every day. Amla in any form, preferably in powdered form, 1-2 raw garlic cloves should be included in our diet.

Yoga Before Conceiving

Yoga is the best way to rejuvenate yourself. Spare at least 20 min. in the morning for simple yoga asana’s.

Breathing exercise which includes inhalation through one nostril and exhalation through other while keeping mouth closed ensures maximum intake of oxygen by your body.

It is better to learn these simple asana’s from some expert and then perform regularly. Yoga helps you to tread towards a healthy body leading to easy and healthy pregnancy.

Medical checkup Before Conceiving

Lastly, but not the least, both partners should go for a medical checkup to ensure that their body is functioning normally and they receive a go-ahead nod of the doctor.

Healthy pregnancy needs healthy body.

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