Problems Associated With Silicone Breast Implant

Silicone is one of the most popular materials that are being used for breast implant procedures. While most women have reported successful stories of breast augmentation with silicone implant, there do exist some silicone breast implant problems that you must be aware of.

Capsular Contracture

A very common side effect for all types of augmentation surgeries is Capsular contracture. Once the implantation takes place the body’s defense mechanism starts to deposit scar tissues in and around the implant. These tissues start to put pressure on the implant causing discomfort and pain. Such a condition of contracture might change the shape of the breast while causing extreme pain.

Implant Rupture

An implant is covered with a silicone envelope. In case of grievous injury, accident and extreme cases of contracture, the silicone covering might break or rupture. This might remain undetected for a long period of time till the breast size starts to differ and abrasions start appearing on the surface.

Infection Of The Breast

Any kind of forceful incision made in the body will make it prone to infections. A build up in the dead scar tissues or rupture of the silicon will attract bacterial infection. Gangrene and shock syndromes are the most apparent effects under such circumstances. Pain in the breast, swelling and redness of the operated area are some of the symptoms of infection. Water build-up in the tissues surrounding the breast and pus formation marks extreme cases of infection. In some cases bleeding with a foul smell accompanies the infection.

The Body Gets Prone To Illness

Since the body’s defense mechanism concentrates on fighting an external intrusion in the form of Silicone, the immune system of the body weakens just after breast implant surgeries. In such cases the body gets prone to various infections like constant fever, pain in the joints, bloating etc. Doctors performing breast implant surgeries prescribe various supplements and vitamins to enhance the immune system of the body after surgery.


Silicone breast implant causes the body to go weak. You are sure to feel dizzy and light for a long period of time. Moreover, the damaged cells in the surgery need extra care and time for recovery leaving you drained out for a longer period of time.

Change In Self Image

While the success rate of Silicone breast implant is large, there have also been cases where an implant has left the breast disfigured and unequal in size. Such a condition again leads to inferiority complexes regarding self image and related problems of depression arise.

Costly Procedure

One of the most apparent silicone breast implant problems is the fact that the procedure is a very costly affair. Moreover, silicone implants have to be replaced within a certain period to prevent medical complications. This further aggravates the problem of expenditure along with the repetition in the physical and emotional trauma that a patient has to face. Recent researches also claim that repeated implantation procedures result in the initiation of a rare cancerous disease called Fibromyalgia.