Procedure And Complications Of Liposuction Surgery

Procedure And Complications Of Liposuction Surgery

Procedure And Complications Of Liposuction Surgery Liposuction is a surgery also known as lipoplasty in which the reshaping of specific areas of the body is done by removing the extra flab on the body and this process improves the body contours and self image . Some people have extra fat depositions on the body in spite of doing physical exercise and maintaining a good health due to hereditary issues.

So this surgery is used to remove stubborn fat deposits from your body parts like thighs, upper arms, hips, waistline, cheeks, ankles and calves. This surgery can be carried out with other plastic surgeries like facelift, breast augmentation or reduction or it can be carried out alone as well. But this surgery is not a treatment for obesity neither it is a replacement for the fitness regimes and eating habits. This will remove the extra fat from the body and you need to exercise regularly to maintain the figure post surgery.

Procedure of Liposuction


Giving anesthesia is the first step in any type of surgery and you can choose among intravenous surgery or general anesthesia for liposuction in consultation with your surgeon. The medications given for anesthesia needs to be supervised during the surgery so that no other bodily reactions will take place.


The next step is to give a small and prominent incision to the part of the body which has to be liposucted.A sterile liquid solution is instilled to decrease the amount of bleeding. After this, a thin hollow tube is inserted along with incision to losen the extra fat on the body with the help of back and forward movements of cannula. The extricated fat is then drawn out from the body with the help of a syringe or vacuum that is connected to the cannula. Usually the main problem areas that can be pontificated are hips, tummy fat, thighs and neck.


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After removing the excess fat from the body ,the perfect body contour will be visible after the healing up of swelling and fluid retention in the body. So wait for the result to appear. You can maintain the improved body figure by following a healthy diet plan and a regular exercise schedule.

Complications of Liposuction

The complications associated with this surgery are not frequent and this is one of the common procedures that are carried out by the surgeon to remove the extra fat from the body. Usually, this surgery is undertaken without any major problem. But you must discuss the risks and complications of this surgery with your surgeon.

Some of the complications that may come up in some cases are hematoma in which the blood accumulates under the skin from where the fat is removed and this blood clot may again need to be removed. Other risks are any type of infection or allergic reactions, damage to the inner structure of the body, unsatisfactory body contours, skin discoloration, asymmetry, damage to inner nerves, bones, muscles and abdomen.

However you can achieve successful results of this surgery and can minimize the complications of liposuction by getting the surgery done through an expert surgeon and by following his/her guidelines . To rule out the possibility of any side effect of this surgery you should not use any type of abrasion or motion on the wounds of the surgery till they heal up completely.

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