Procedure Of Breast Implant

Procedure Of Breast Implant

Procedure Of Breast Implant A breast implant procedure is used for the augmentation of the breast physically. This is done to make women feel better as the lack of size and form of breast disappoint every woman. The purpose of doing a breast implant is to rectify the congenital defects and the aberration in the walls of the chest or for aesthetic reasons. The procedure of mammoplasty is used as per preference in terms of position, type, size of the breast implant devices that can solve the requirement.

This is done in three ways. Primary reconstruction is used in cases where the tissues of the breast got damaged by breast cancer, lack of anatomic development or any kind of trauma.

The process of revision and reconstruction is adopted when any type of previous surgery is wrongly done and this process will correct it. Lastly the process of primary augmentation is used for aesthetic reasons to change the form and the size of the breast. Breast implant emplacement is performed with five types of surgical incisions that are explained here:

Types of Surgical Incisions for Breast Implant


In this incisive, cut is made to the infra-mammary fold which holds the maximum access for the correct operation of the breast. It is usually done for the proper arrangement of the implants of the silicone gel. The chances of scars always exist in this incision.


In this incisive, cut is made in the medial half along with the boundary of the aerola’s. It is one of the best methods of the breast implant as it can be adjusted according to your needs. But the limitation is that the silicone gel implants are not possible in this type of incision. As it is carried out at the circumference of the areola’s so it rules out the possibility of the visibility of the scars.


Procedure Of Breast Implant


In transaxillary incision, a cut is made into the armpit of the female and then the operation starts from the median and the implants are done with the help of an endoscope. The asymmetry is inferior in this incision and the chances of scars are very less.

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This procedure of incision is uncommon as in this incision,a cut is made into the naval and the tunnel of the operation that moves upward to the breast. This method does not lead to any visible scars but it is very technical. As no endoscopic device is used in this technique so the chances of damage to the elastomeric silicone shell of the breast always exist. It is known as TUBA procedure in short.


The process of transabdominal incision is same as transumbical but the only difference is that abdominoplasty is also done with breast implants. This procedure is also known as TABA.

Post-Surgical Recovery

The scars of this surgery develop after 6 weeks of the operation and they go on their own after some time. The patient of the breast implant can resume her normal life after one week of the operation. But in cases where the breast implants are placed under the chest muscles take longer time to recover and suffer from pain also. This is because of the healing time of the cuts made into the chest muscles.

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