Breast Lift SurgeryWhen women age and their breasts start to sag, some of them may turn to a breast lift to correct the condition. There are many options to make their sagging breasts firmer and shape them better, to make their breasts more attractive.

While this procedure can make a woman feel more confident and younger, it is not a permanent solution to sagging breasts. One can never fight against the effects of aging. There are possible permanent scars, which can be easily hidden under clothing.

Procedure And Side Effects Of Breast Lift Surgery

This correction procedure is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Most breast lifts take as little as two to four hours, while some can be longer. The procedure involves making three incisions – one goes around areola, the second goes vertically down from nipple to crease beneath the breast and the third follows the natural curve of the breast.

Following these incisions, the unwanted skin is removed and the areola is moved to a new position in order to give a new shape to the breast. After the surgery with the incisions closed using small fine stitches, some surgeons may put a drainage tube under the skin to drain blood and fluids. The incisions are then covered with gauze bandages, and then covered with a surgical bra or an elastic bandage.

The First Few Eeeks

In follow up visits, especially during the first week following surgery, the drainage tubes and bandages are removed. However, clients still need to wear a support bra for several weeks. Most patients experience swelling and bruising from the surgery, which can last for a few weeks, while the discomfort and pain from the procedure can last for a week or more. Most surgeons prescribe pain relieving medication to manage the discomfort.

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Subsequent Weeks

Within a week or two, the stitches are removed and the patients are generally allowed to return to work two weeks after their surgery. Many patients, however, have stated that they don’t feel ready to return to work at this time, until they feel completely recovered. During this period, many are instructed to limit their exercise periods, to prevent harming the already damaged tissues at the breast and chest areas. Sexual activity is also discouraged, as the breasts can be very sensitive at this time and can hurt a great deal.

Taking Time to Heal

It is important for those who have opted for this surgery to be patient to reap the full benefits of it. Breast lifts take time to heal. The lingering discomfort and bruising may be a source of distress for some. Remember to wear a good support bra, which should be free of underwire for a few months, so as to protect the post-operative breast tissues.

No surgery is without risks; hence, it is advisable to be educated on all aspects of the procedure or consult your cosmetic or plastic surgeon carefully before you decide on undertaking a breast firming surgery. There are risks involved, no matter how small they may be. You should be aware of all possible risks and how they can affect you.

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