Procedures Of Breast Augmentation

Procedures Of Breast Augmentation A breast augment is a medical prosthesis that is being used for augmentation and reconstruction of the physical form of breast. The breast implant consists of making a change in the size and form of the breast of the women so that the woman feels good post surgery. The breast implant is done to rectify the congenital defects, aberration in the chest wall, aesthetic reasons or for creation of breasts in male to female transsexual patients.

Surgical Procedures

The procedure of mammoplasty is carried out for the emplacement of the devices of the breast implant that solves the three purposes:

Primary Reconstruction

The primary reconstruction is carried out in cases where the tissues of breast are damaged by the trauma, disease like breast cancer or failure in anatomic development.

Revision and Reconstruction

When a breath implant surgery is wrongly done and you need to correct the result of the earlier reconstruction surgery.

Primary Augmentation

The primary augmentation is done for aesthetic reasons and change the size and form of the breast.

Incision Types

There are five types of surgical incisions that are carried out in the breast implant procedure. The process of them are explained below:


In this type of incision, incision is made into the infra-mammary fold which holds the maximum access for accurate dissection of the breast .This type of incision is recommended for the arrangement of silicone-gel implants. But the chances of some visible scars are more in this type of surgery.


In this type of incision, incision is made into the medial half along with the circumference of the aerola’s.This is a very good process of breast implant when any adjustment has to be made to the IMF and breast lift has to be done.

Procedures Of Breast Augmentation


However,silicone gel implants cannot be possible in periareolar incision. The scars are less visible in this incision as it is carried out at the border line of aerola’s.

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In this type of incision, incision is made into the axilla (armpit) from which the operation takes place from the median and the implants are done forthright or by using an endoscope. This procedure helps to reduce the chances of scar on the breast. But it may give an inferior asymmetry so it usually requires an IMF incision or periareolar incision.


This type of incision is less common among the techniques of breast implant as in this method incision is made into the navel and the tunnel of the dissection moves up towards the breast. This process does not produce any scar but it is more technical process. This is good for the lifting of the breast. This procedure is carried out without the use of any endoscopic device so it is not suitable for silicone gel implants as it may damage the elastomeric silicone shell of the breast. This procedure is known as TUBA.


In this type of incision, the process is same as followed in transsumbilical procedure but the difference is that abdominoplasty is also carried out along with the breast implant. This is known as TABA procedure in short.

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