5 Tips To Avoid Constipation


Constipation is a serious disorder in the stomach which is due to the infrequent bowel movements. When a person is affected by this condition, there is hardening of faeces under the stomach and the defection process becomes difficult. Dehydration is the only reason for making the person affected from constipation. Thus there should be proper diet control and effective food intakes to keep the body hydrated, helping in proper digestion process and relieve from constipation.

Proper Diet To Avoid Constipation

Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber contents are effective to get rid of constipation. Fiber plays an effective role in constipation affected person to relieve them from constipation.

Fiber Rich Foods

It absorbs the water contents from various foods and hydrates the body to the maximum level. Fiber helps to make the digestion process properly and giving softness to the stools.

Foods like oats, fresh dry fruits, green leafy vegetables, wheat, etc. are highly rich fiber contents. Hence, fiber rich foods must be added to diet for making the body hydrated.

Consume Fresh Fruits Regularly

It is well known that the constipation is the result for internal dryness in the stomach due to lesser intake of water rich foods. Dehydration is caused by intake of dry foods that are low in vitamins and fibers.

Fresh Fruits

Fruits are the better alternative for making the body hydrated. Fruits are rich in water and sugar contents with other important benefits. It makes the dried intestine soft with nutritional fluids thereby making the body well maintained.

Fruits like pine apple, pears, papaya, prunes, etc. are some of the best solutions to make the body fit.

Consume Enough Of Vegetables

Vegetables are better source of nutrition with all types of vitamins and minerals. Green and leafy vegetables are the best stuffs to make the body hydrated.


Cabbage, carrots, beans, peas are some of the vegetables which make the body fit and healthy. Beans and legumes also can help in making the body hydrated.

Add Whole Grains To Daily Diet

Whole grains are the best nutritional food stuffs which are healthy for human beings. Grains are rich in fiber and vitamins that can help in reducing most of the human disorders.

Whole Grains

Brown rice, barley, millet and high fiber breakfast cereals are some of the grains which make the body fully fit and healthy.

Consume Water Regularly

Water is very necessary to maintain healthy body. Water helps in keeping the body hydrated along with stomach which makes the stools soft.

There should be consumption of at least 8 to 10 big glasses of water daily for maintaining the body cool. Water also plays an important role in maintaining the process of digestion.

Consume Water Regularly

Thus the only thing which can alleviate constipation from human beings is nothing but hydration. There are many fruits and vegetables which make the body hydrated.

But along with consumption of properly balanced diet, exercises are very necessary to keep the body healthy and relieve from constipation.

Exercises play an important role in making the bowel movements effective and maintaining the digestion process effective by making the body fit and healthy.